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Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

Posted by HilaryG on 3/25/03 at 18:19 (114568)

I was wondering about the success of flat foot surgery. I've been suffering for about 25 years and have made an appt with an orthopedic surgeon. ( In the past I have had terrible experiences with pods.) I am getting desperate and considering surgery but want more info and others' experiences might help.

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

BGCPed on 3/26/03 at 07:15 (114626)

There are many folks that had this done with great results. Unfortunatly, like any procedure there are some that have not. The main question is what type and to what degree procedure you have. There is not one specific type but many variations. If you are going to an orthopod I would make sure he is fellowship trained in foot/ankle and not a person that does feet/knee/back etc.

You may find a Dr that just works on a few tendons, some want to fuse some bone, some reconstruct the entire foot, ans some variation of all of those. I would ask about maintaining the most natural function possible. Ask how many of these procedures they have done.

Not that there is a prob with general orthopod but I would want one that has spent extra year in that specialty, AND the extra years actually performing that procedure. There are only about 20 foot/ankle fellowships in the USA and they are spread out. I dont know of a link to it but there should be a site that lists fellowship trained.

I know of a few Dr around the country that do specialize in that procedure. Dr Arthur Manoli is in Michigan, he does several of those a week. There is also Dr Ted Hansen at Harborview in Seattle. They both have a fellowship and if they are too far perhaps you could call the office. They may be able to give you the name of one of their best people closer to you.

Dr Wesley Stotler is in Oaklahoma and he is very skilled in that procedure. Good luck to you

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

HilaryG on 3/26/03 at 07:17 (114628)

The doctor I am seeing is a foot and ankle specialist in New York City.

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

BGCPed on 3/26/03 at 18:08 (114711)

Is it Dr Sands by any chance? He is a good guy and did a fellowship under Dr Manoli. If it is Dr Sands I know the CPed he uses should you need orthotics, he is also very good.

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

HilaryG on 3/26/03 at 19:53 (114719)

No, it is Dr.Martin O'Malley. Do you know of him?

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

BGCPed on 3/26/03 at 21:48 (114729)

No I do not, but that doesnt mean anything. I would just ask some questions and make your decision.

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

TimB on 3/26/03 at 22:56 (114734)

Hi..I am acutally scheduled to have this type of surgery done next month. My orthopedist tells me that it is very successful, but the recovery time is long (6 months minimum per foot). But, like you I've suffered from life-long flat foot symptoms, and feel that the recovery time is well worth it. The name of the procedure they are doing for me is 'Evans Osteotomy with FDL transfer' and achilles tendon lengthening. Make sure your doctor has had experience with this surgery, and maybe even go over a case file with you. There is very little info on this procedure on the intenet (I've looked a lot). I hope that this is of some help to you!!

Tim B

Re: To Bev

Pauline on 3/27/03 at 07:57 (114747)

Hope you saw this post. I realize you don't have flat feet, but this post tells you something about the caliber of one of those Michigan Doctors.

Maybe this will give you a clue as to why he is listed in 'America's Top

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

HilaryG on 3/31/03 at 13:11 (114996)

Thank you Tim and good luck. Please keetp us posted on how you're doing.

Re: Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?

Joe B. on 4/01/03 at 13:07 (115102)

I, too, am thinking about getting my flat feet corrected. I was told that the recovery time is about 12 weeks. Same type of procedure was explained to me, Evans with the achilles lengthening. When I decide, I will be going to a podiatric surgeon. The big step will be trying to get a referral to see him. Let us know your outcome.