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Posted by Necee on 3/26/03 at 00:34 (114612)

Have enough been selected to fill the committee seats? I got in on that discussion a little too late.
Happy trails.....
Necee **==

Re: Committee

Sharon W on 3/26/03 at 08:05 (114634)


Since he has done the committee selection, you need to post to scottr if you would be willing to volunteer. I don't know if he wants others or not, but some of those he named earlier apparently haven't asked him for the codes... And I (for one) think you would be great at it!


Re: Committee

JudyS on 3/26/03 at 12:57 (114681)

Sharon - I got the feeling that Scott's committee selection was done 'tongue-in-cheek'. Was he serious?