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Posted by Scott R on 3/26/03 at 06:40 (114623)

I haven't been reading the board except with posts that contained 'scottr' in about a year. I was unaware at least a few believe Dr Ed has been annoying posters and has made several stop posting. Dr Ed, please be nice.

Also, there has been a comment that the other boards have been used for non-foot stuff. This must stop. Social/Support is the waste-basket board, the others should be clean. I want board monitors to keep the other boards clean. So far only wendy has requested the password.

Re: sadlkjafsdfas

Suzanne D on 3/26/03 at 07:24 (114629)

I was guilty of posting 'non-foot stuff' on the Treatments Board yesterday. I am sorry, Scott, and will refrain from that in the future.

Things had been so unfriendly on the Social Board, and I saw someone who I wanted to respond to on that board. But I was wrong, and I understand the need for keeping those boards 'clean'.

Suzanne #-o

Re: Fairness and Ed

marie on 3/26/03 at 09:01 (114637)

Ed has a large task at hand no doubt. I feel he is a good person at heart and will rise to the task of putting his personal agenda aside in fairness to all who come here to share. So Ed please be nice.
Acceptance speeches from our committee please!!!!


Re: Fairness and Ed

pala on 3/26/03 at 09:15 (114640)

how does this monitor thing work? if someone posts a nasty or inflammatory or in general, a post that someone else thinks is inappropriate to a nice and civil discourse, then what? does one mention it here and the monitor then takes a look at it?

also, who exactly are the monitors at this juncture. ?

also, thank you scott for taking an active interest here. i can see that things have improved here. he sums it up pefectly when he says be nice.

Re: Fairness and Ed

pala on 3/26/03 at 09:23 (114643)

marie, you are wonderful. you also might want to volunteer for the job of monitor. you would be such a warm and fuzzy one.

Re: Fairness and Ed

marie on 3/26/03 at 10:02 (114646)


At the boards I have been to they are not called moniters but moderators. Moderators are folks that welcome new posters, gently warn folks about breaking rules, and are skillful at redirecting folks when a conversation becomes heated.

I would have to question a moderator who fincially supports a board in any way as it is a conflict of interest. I serve on several boards myself and cannot apoint myself to a job even if it's a volunteer position.

I do feel our committee should discuss how they will operate and share it with the folks here. Their guidelines may help keep this board active and healthy. I would like to suggest that the moderaters or moniters change yearly, I think they should consist of long time posters and I have only been here a few months although I lirked for much longer than that.

I am not a saint....and I think a few of the kids I send to the office may argue with you on the warm and fuzzy part. I appreciate your kind words and I hope you stay well because you are a good person. I am glad you and the good Doc called a truce.Thank you both.

I don't know about calling folks hawks but there are a few eagles here. So I will leave you with this

'Let the eagle fly with the dove and if you can't be with the one you love than love the one your with'.

You folks can interpret that to suit your own agenda.

later gaters
This is suppose to be the peace smiley but if it doesn't work I'm letting you know ahead of time...just close your eyes and Imagine.



Re: Fairness and Ed

john h on 3/26/03 at 10:29 (114651)

Marie that smilley face looks a lot like the devil! Is this some sort of psychological slip?

Re: Fairness and Ed

marie on 3/26/03 at 10:33 (114654)

I didn't have my glasses on. Let me try that again. If it doesn't work I want to register a complaint to a board moniter. Thanks John. I do have a bit of the devil in me.


marieAnother test =D>


Re: Peace sign smiley isn't working

marie on 3/26/03 at 10:47 (114660)

Ok the peace sign smiley isn't working. My first offical complaint.


Re: To Scott

Kathy G on 3/26/03 at 11:15 (114668)

I put a couple of posts on to the Treatment Board that weren't exactly regarding Treatment, Scott. Sorry, but I had decided that any port in a storm would do and the Social Board wasn't social anymore!

I am truly confused about this monitoring/moderating thing. As you are all aware, my being confused is not something new. What are people supposed to be doing? Is it just certain people or can anyone let you know when things get out of hand. It's difficult to know what 'out of hand' means. I assume it would have to be something drastic like what we've seen here in the last month or so, where posts have become hurtful and disrespectful. What are the codes?

I am hopeful that the moderators won't have a thing to do. If we can all view this Board the same way we would a social setting and treat each other with the same respect and kindness with which we would treat people we are talking to, face to face, then we'll be in business. I am very optimistic and I thank you, Scott, for taking the time to get everything back on the straight and narrow. And please, Ed and Paula, no more fighting!! Discussion is fine but please no more down-and-dirty posts.

I'd put in smiley faces but it's too much work!

Re: Sorry, Scott

JudyS on 3/26/03 at 12:43 (114679)

Scott, with all due respect, you're wrong on this one. Oh, you're not wrong that Dr. Ed offended some folks, but you're wrong in that he is hardly the only one so it's unfair to single him out as a result of complaints from only his political opposition. Man, the way so many participants have twisted their opponants' words is absolutely mind-boggling!

Please, please understand this; there were, WITHOUT QUESTION, offensive posts on both sides of that political argument and it's time each participant get over it and move on. It looks to me like one or two are now just getting some kinky kicks out of throwing lighter fluid on the coals. Some members of this message board are starting to sound like the kindergartners I mentioned before.
The surest cure of all is to not respond if one doesn't want to become embroiled in a no-win argument. We don't need a darn moderator here, we just need to ignore the rabble-rousers and enjoy ourselves in an adult fashion.
Good Heavens Scott, the majority of participants here are just quietly waiting out the storm while still chatting amongst themselves. That's all the regulation we need.

Re: Fairness and Ed

pala on 3/26/03 at 13:01 (114682)

hey marie, thanks for telling me what a moderator does. it sounds great and i am glad we have one. and thank you for noticing that i have embraced a civil board and being nice with deep relief and gratitude to whoever or whatever made this happen here. ok, you are not a saint but you had a part in it, so i thank you.

Re: Sorry, Scott

Pauline on 3/26/03 at 14:56 (114689)

I happen to agree with your post and find it a shame that political arguement threw this site in a police state.

The biggest problem I foresee is I believe only certain posters will be targeted. I really can't see Dr. Ed, or Richard coming down on each other, nor can I see Wendyn or John disrupting the rabble-rouser attempts made by any professionals either.

Additionally alliances have already been formed between various posters and with the backboarding that goes on I think certain people will be easy targets on a regular basis. Some will be watch with the eyes of a hawk, while others are allowed to slither by out of fear that reprimand will cause them to leave the board.

We've already seen other attempts 'Three Fouls', 'Three Strikes' and even 'Six Advertisements' and none of them have been effective, achieved their goals or affected all parties equally.

Now monitorship to farther divide the participants. Personally I don't think it's necessary or should be invoked, but I'm only one vote and do not own the web site.

If we need kings to capture pawns on this site, perhaps we should be playing a different game here.

Re: Sorry, Scott

Scott R on 3/26/03 at 15:14 (114692)

Actually, all my former rules worked, i just no longer have time.

They are called monitors, not moderators, because this is junior high school. Moderation is for adults. I'm just kidding. Besides, i am not saying they should moderate the board: they should delete each other's posts until no post can get made until all sides agree, just like the U.N. See how it works?

Testing peace sign:

Re: Sorry, Scott

BGCPed on 3/26/03 at 15:14 (114693)

I 2x that one. I think Dr Ed is very interesting and has some good ideas. Yes he has similar political views, but He was not the only factor. I say things at times to tweak noses and provoke debate. I would say that he exercised more restraint than I would under same situation.

IMHO the need for a moderator seems silly and childish. If a spammer or person uses vile language than nuke that post. If a person is that bothered by a thread than DONT READ IT. Demanding that a person or persons avoid a subject or water it down to appease some is wrong.

This is a prime example of repeating something enough and it becomes truth. I would ask certain people to think about this. If Dr Ed said he was leaving due to feeling some were against him, and the result was a few that left for same reason returned, would you feel happy? If you would then you have the problem

Some people take this way too serious

Re: Sorry, Scott

BGCPed on 3/26/03 at 15:17 (114694)

Like the UN ? When did the UN start working? that mean you would get 12 years of warnings then nothing?
sorry couldnt resist

Re: peace sign

Scott R on 3/26/03 at 15:21 (114695)

you'll love this: the peace symbol and some of the other graphics were not working correctly because the text characters needed for the DEVIL image were messing them up. =:) :)>-

Re: Sorry, Scott

john h on 3/26/03 at 15:34 (114696)

I really am sad to see Dr. Ed depart. Forget his political views and recoginize he is a Doctor who provide a lot of needed information for foot pain. This is the reason for this boards existence. We have sort of cut off our nose to spite our face if he is gone. We do not have many Doctors who will give up there time for this board. We need more than Republicans and Democrats or Liberals and Conservatives on this board. We also need some experts in the ares of foot pain. We just lost one of the few if he is gone..

Re: Sorry, Scott

john h on 3/26/03 at 15:38 (114697)

In the final analysis Pauline people will just have to be audlts. No monitor/moderator can do that for them. As the saying goes 'you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink'. We have only 15 or so people here on a regular basis. It will be a sad state of affairs and if we all cannot act and write like adults should.

Re: Sorry, Scott

Pauline on 3/26/03 at 15:45 (114698)

Scott or someone could you please go over all the deleting that is going to take place. Maybe I missed seeing the explaination on an earlier post, but could that be explained and related it back to the political posts that brought this about. How would it have worked in that case?

Re: Sorry, Scott

Pauline on 3/26/03 at 16:07 (114704)

John, I too feel bad if Dr. Ed left the board, but in the same breath I have to say the same about any other posters too. I don't want to see anyone leave.

I didn't read all the political posts, but surely they would have worked their way through the system the same as all the others. Eventually all of them fall off the end of the page and become history. I chose not to read them or get involved. Others read them and voiced their opinions, but could have just as easily chosen not to get involved.

By nature we're fixers, we to fix everything all the time and for everyone. It can't be done. Sometimes we just have to sit back and watch
the picture that is being painted. What right do any of us have to complete someone elses painting?

Some posters took a simple heated discussion and turned it into a life of death situation. What did we gain? Nothing. There will always be people rallying on one side or the other. Just don't take it to a personal level with name calling etc. I think that's where posters go wrong.

Tis better to live among the wolfs than to be chased by those that hunt them.

Re: To Scott

john h on 3/26/03 at 16:09 (114705)

Kathy let us hope the recent uprising on the heelspurs social board was just a hiccup and you will never see or hear from a moderator/monitor. Remember a monitor is a Lizzard and should be avoided.