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Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Kathy G on 3/26/03 at 11:28 (114670)

On the Treatment Board, John mentioned that he had been a victim of Credit Card Fraud and then Perry S said that he had had a similar experience. Both of the fraudulent claims involved computer purchases. I don't know what the message is here but I guess it's a heads up and be aware that something is going on.

John, had you used the card to purchase anything on the internet? I wonder if Perry had. I worry about that all the time even though I have Norton Internet Security and I only order from safe sites.

Re: Credit Card Fraud

john h on 3/26/03 at 16:06 (114703)

Kathy yes I have used my card for internet purchases but people obtain the information anytime you use your card in a store. There are little hand held devices that can be palmed and swipe your card. These number and information are then sold to buyers over the internet through out the country. Lucky me the store called me as they must have had some suspiciion that the internet guy making the purchase was suspicious.