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Silicone orthotics

Posted by Rosemary on 3/26/03 at 20:53 (114723)

Has anyone tried the silicone dynamic othotics - one of the othotics listed on this site. Thinking about buying them and would like to hear from others who have purchased them. Thanks.

Re: Silicone orthotics

wendyn on 3/26/03 at 22:26 (114731)

Rosemary - if you do a search on this site for them (also try SDO) you will come up with more information than you ever wanted!

Re: Silicone orthotics

PhysicsRon on 3/31/03 at 17:41 (115046)

I have them for my PF.

I think its the fluid movement with each step that make them work. Sort of a very slow ESWT effect over months instead of minutes? See the thread on Fluidotherapy on the Therapy/Sym page.

The other good feature is to talk w/ Dr Kiper first to see what one should expect & the MBG if they don't perform as u expect. The're a little pricy but not when compared to ESWT.

Re: Silicone orthotics

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/31/03 at 18:23 (115052)

I would probably compare their effects more to how the tissue of the foot slows pronation. Studies have shown that individuals going barefoot often pronate less than in shoes (depends on the kind of shoe).

As one steps down, the tissue is compressed on the outside of the heel so that the tissue on the inside is exapnded and helps decelerate pronation.
SDO's have some similarities in the fluid shift that occurs.

ESWT is a modality designed to directly influence tissue quality by converting a chronic inflammatory process into an acute one, that is, one that influences the body to breakdown and rebuild diseased tissue.

Re: Silicone orthotics

Rosemary on 3/31/03 at 20:24 (115066)

Dr. Ed - interesting comment about ESWT converting a chronic inflammatory process in an acute on. Now into my seventh week post ESWT, just today I commented to someone that my foot feels more like it did when I first got PF, If I think about it, I am aware of it, but it does not consume my thoughts all day long. Do you think introducing a new orthotic midway through the healing post ESWT process is wise? Any opinions would be appreciated.

Re: Silicone orthotics

Carmen h on 4/01/03 at 08:42 (115087)

I love the SDO's...been wearing them for about 6 months and am about 60% or more improved from when I was wearing semi rigid orthotics before these.
I can wear other shoes for a short time at events and stuff but the sdo's are the most comfortable.