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Laser Bunion Removal

Posted by Dianne B on 3/27/03 at 21:14 (114798)

I have heard that it is possible to remove bunions using laser and that it is far less painful and recovery is very quick. Can you tell me a little more about this or where I could get information. Also would it be available in Australia.
Thank you

Re: Laser Bunion Removal

Dr. Z on 3/28/03 at 00:00 (114804)


Bunions which are bony deformities can't be removed with lasers. Lasers are used for warts, and other soft tissue masses. You maybe thinking about miminial incision procedures. These are ambulatory procedures that are used in certain types of bunions. They are usually done in the office with one suture, No casts or crutches are needed. I have used this procedure many times with excellent results over the past twenty three years.