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Hello and update from me!

Posted by Jill P on 3/29/03 at 11:01 (114879)

Hi everyone! I see I still recognize some names here, but there are many, many who I do not know. I just thought I would pop in and let you know how I am doing. When I was at my worst, I knew there must be people who start doing better and don't post on the boards as often because foot pain isn't the focus of their lives anymore. Fnally I can say I have been there for the last year or so! :)

I developed PF while pregnant with my second and youngest child about 4 years ago (she's 3 1/2 now). Since then I have always had it in both feet, but my right was the worst. My night splint really helped, and I wore it faithfully. I don't know if the actual ESWT treatment Dr. Zuckerman performed in February 2001 on my right foot helped directly or indirectly because I had to really rest my foot afterward because it cramped up so much if I stood on it. I was on crutches for 2-3 months and couldn't shop without a wheelchair or scooter for quite some time, but in the end my right foot is much better. Unfortunately, my left foot is now the one that is hurting me the most. I was able to stop wearing my night splint for about a year but now am wearing it on my left. I have to go back to the pod so I can get a new one since mine is so beat-up that it hardly has anyplace to secure the velcro!

Just thought I would stop by and see how everyone is doing and try to offer some hope. Although I may not ever be completely free of PF, I have great hope that I will be able to keep in largely in control as I have for the last year or so by knowing what I can and shouldn't do. Resting my feet whenever I can is key I think. The night splint has helped me a great deal too by letting the facia heal in a gently stretched position (stretching exercises never helped for me they actually seemed to worsen my pain).

I am able to do pretty much what I want now as long as I try not to over do the time I spend on my feet and don't plan too many days with lots of time on my feet in a row. We are planning to go to Disney World either this summer or next fall and I hope to do well there. Last time we went I was in a wheel chair because I didn't recover as quickly as expected from the ESWT, but in a way it was good to rest my tootsies even if they had been feeling better so I didn't over do. (I may rent a scooter one or more days again just so I don't over do the walking.)

Hugs and healing prayers to all of you! Jill P

Re: Hello and update from me!

Jill P on 3/29/03 at 11:16 (114880)

I forgot to add that I lost 45 pounds with Weight Watchers that also really helped. I kept it off for about a year or slightly longer. Since that point I have slowly crept back up and have regained about 20-25 which I am sure hasn't helped my feet. That may well be largely responsible for my left foot hurting much more lately. Ugh! :(

Re: Hello and update from me!

Bev N on 3/29/03 at 11:38 (114881)

Hi Jill, Nice to meet you. We are going to Disney World in October and I called and can rent the scooter there for $40.00 a day, it will be expensive as we will be there for 3 days, but it is either a scooter or stay in the condo while everyone else has fun, right? I would like to get one of my own, will have to check into that. Nice to hear success stories.Have a nice day. Bev