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Running with bone spurs

Posted by Christine J. on 3/30/03 at 20:49 (114949)

One year ago I found out I had PF and heel spurs in both feet. I wore night splints, iced, stretched, and stopped running. I still have some pain, but it has definetly gotten better. If I start running again could the bone spurs actually get larger? Now that I have them, do I just have to give up running forever?

Re: Running with bone spurs

Dr. Z on 3/30/03 at 21:22 (114951)


You need to find out why you had the pain. The spurs have nothing to do with the pain . The pain is from plantar fasciitis which is an inflamation of the tissue due to overuse. There are many factors contributing to this problem. Most runners develop pf from by abnormal mechanical called pronation . Have you had a biomechanical examination by a podiatrist. Do you have orthosis. Give us more information

Re: Running with bone spurs

nancy sc on 3/31/03 at 08:59 (114965)


I am in a similar situation to you, and I have resumed running (after about 10 months) with the following changes to my pre-PF days:

First, I run every other day rather than every day. Second, I stretch religiously, both before & after running. Third, I ice after running and before bed, and also sometimes at mid-day. And lastly, I run in orthotics (custom).

So far, so good.