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Heel pain-again

Posted by Deb S. on 3/31/03 at 21:36 (115075)

I had surgery for TTS and PF on 12/30/02. I am finally feeling much better and thought I was almost back to normal. I work on my feet and have only gone back one day a week until this weekend when I'm back to three days. Well, I've started to feel that pulling pain in my heel once again and I'm getting worried. I have orthotics in my Birkenstocks and just purchased a pair of New Balance shoes. I'm also getting a pair of custom orthotics to wear in my shoes. I have been fortunate to have a tens unit at home and have been using it. This pain seems to have come out of the blue and I've had it about a week. I called my doc but haven't heard back from her yet. Could this just be a normal thing that will pass or could this mean the surgery didn't work. I also had the ESWT and that really didn't help. Any ideas? Anything I should be doing that I may not be doing? Thanks, Deb

Re: Heel pain-again

Suzanne D on 4/01/03 at 09:58 (115093)

Hello, Deb! I am sorry that you are having recurring pain. I can understand how that would concern you.

I just wanted to mention to you that you might want to post your message on the 'Ask the Foot Doctors' board or the 'Treatments / Symptoms / Products' board. Just click on Message Boards, and there is a listing of the different boards here at Heelspurs.com. Not as many people post on this particular board as it is usually used to leave messages for the webmaster. You might get more responses on one of the other boards.

I hope you get some answers soon and that you continue to recover!

Suzanne :)