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Posted by john h on 4/01/03 at 20:04 (115125)

This is important enough to post anywhere. Army prisoner of war Jessica Lynch was rescued this PM from a hospital somewhere in Iraq. Details will be coming. God bless Jessica and her family and our other POW's/

Re: rescue

BrianG on 4/01/03 at 20:37 (115129)

Yes, it is good news John. For awhile there, I thought the enemy might have been executing everyone they got their hands on!!!! John, time to talk to your buddy, and get the Social Board back up and running. Either that, or change the closed for 3 days message!!!


Re: rescue

Necee on 4/01/03 at 23:05 (115136)

Yes John, God bless them all!
That was wonderful news. I understand that she was wounded, but is expected to recover completely. I have faith in our troops, if there are any fellow soldiers held captive, they will find them, and risk their own lives to bring them home safely.


Re: I agree with you Brian! **The 3 days are up**

Necee on 4/01/03 at 23:07 (115137)


Re: The Rescue

Kathy G on 4/02/03 at 08:18 (115142)

Yes, it was wonderful to see a happy story and not hear how the press thought the military had messed up. They planned the mission and they carried it out. Here's hoping that the other POW's are also well and can be freed soon.

Re: The Rescue

marie on 4/02/03 at 18:08 (115204)

Her parents are planning a large bash when she gets home. They are so relieved she is alive and in the hands of our troops. It sounds like a daring rescue by Rangers. WOW!