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recurring heel pain

Posted by Deb S. on 4/01/03 at 20:23 (115126)

I had surgery for TT and PT on 12/30/02. I am finally recovering and I've in the past week started to feel the pulling heel pain I felt prior to surgery. I am fortunate to have a tens unit at home and I'm using it two to four times per day. I'm wearing my Birkenstocks that have the orthotic built in them. I also purchased a pair of New Balance shoes this weekend.
Nothing seems to help. I am unable to take advil because I have a stomach ulcer that is healing from all the medication I took before my surgery. I've also had ESWT but it really didn't help. I did call my doctor but she hasn't returned my call as yet. I guess what I'm really concerned about is that could this possibly return? And, my gosh, I just started to get me sea legs back! I do work on my feet for five hours at a time, but I've only gone back to five hours per week, until this weekend when I'm back to my normal schedule. I'm worried I won't make it. Any suggestions on what I could possibly do to make this better? And, is it possible for this to come back? HELP!!

Re: recurring heel pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/04/03 at 10:14 (115384)


You may need to have your orthotics adjusted. Also, a course of physical therapy may be in order.