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Fibroma causes and effects

Posted by Eric H on 4/02/03 at 15:14 (115182)

I have a fibroma on the bottom of my left foot (a bit left of center) that has caused recurring pain over the past 3 years or so that has been controlled by cortisone injections. However, the interval between injections was previously about a year and it has dropped to 4 months most recently.

About 4 years ago, I was prescribed custom orthotics with an aggressive arch support for my very flat feet (left and right) and a built up height of about 1/4 inch (left side only) to correct for a leg length difference. The orthotics were prescribed to keep my knees in better alignment and reduce lower back stress. I also do various stretches for fibromyalgia, including calf muscle stretches.

Could the orthotics be contributing to the fibroma and if so, why has this only occurred on one side?

Do calf muscle and other stretches aggravate or help the fibroma?

I also get some intermittent foot tingling that does seem to be affected by the position of my foot. I had assumed that the foot tingling was sciatica from the lower back (I previously had L5/S1 laminectomy due to sciatica along the back of the leg). Could the foot tingling be associated with the fibroma instead?

Are there any significant risks associated with periodic cortisone injections in the fibroma over a long period of time?

I understand that the track record for surgery is not that good for the fibroma. Are there any other newer treatments that should be considered for this condition?