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tight sore heels!

Posted by tammy s on 4/03/03 at 01:53 (115249)

This question would be for the doctors. I had 2 surgerys on my heels 30 years ago and the doctor that I'm seeing says that I have alot of scar tissue and limited range of motion due to these surgerys. Can EWST break down the scar tissue and help my heels to feel less tight? I due streching daily. I was also casted for 3 weeks and since it was removed I have pain on the top of my foot and my great toe is numb, is this to be expected? The cast has been off for 3 weeks already. Thank you for your comments.

Re: tight sore heels!

Dr. Z on 4/04/03 at 17:31 (115430)

ESWT is used very sucessfuly pain where the insertion of the plantar fascia is located. If on examination there is pain then yes you are a candidate for ESWT. I have used ESWT on failed or recurring plantar fasciitis post surgery.