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TTS of PF? I'm not sure

Posted by HilaryG on 4/03/03 at 06:55 (115256)

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference in symptoms of PF and TTS. My Pod tapped me for Tinel- but no response. He told me that doesn't necessarily mean no TTS. He did say that what I have is most likely PF and adjusted my orthotics, which I already wore for painful flat feet. Since I don't have the typical pain on first steps in the morning I am concerned that maybe what I have is TTS and not PF. I do have primarily heel and arch pain, but sometimes after standing for a long time I also have some pains in the insides of my ankles. There is no numbness or tingling, just pain. I do have a appt with an ortho who specializes in foot and ankle in two weeks. Any ideas?

Re: TTS of PF? I'm not sure

Lara t on 4/03/03 at 09:07 (115268)

Good thinking. Your doctor is right about a lot of stuff. Most people have PF - it's relatively common. TTS occurs a lot less often. On that basis alone, PF is more likely. I don't have Tinel's sign either, and I do have TTS.

An NCV test is the test to determine TTS, although a negative result doesn't mean you don't have TTS.

Probably the thing I would do next is ask the doctors I'm wokring with is how many PF and how many TTS patients they have. The biggest problem I encountered was many doctors (PCP, Pods & Orthopods) just didn't know TTS. Even if what you have is PF, it would be good to have someone who knows TTS rule it out.

Your symptoms are a lot different from mine so I don't know if they indicate TTS or PF