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Chicago conference ??

Posted by BrianG on 4/03/03 at 08:25 (115264)

Hi Doctors,

I read on the Net that there is a big Podiatry conference in Chicago this weekend. I believe that Dr. Reid, who sometimes posts here, will be one of the speakers.
Anyone here planning on attending? You can come back and let us know the latest and greatest info!


Re: Chicago conference ??

JudyS on 4/04/03 at 11:15 (115396)

Isn't that the same conference that Scott went to last year and joined up with Dr. Z?

Re: Chicago conference ??

Dr. Z on 4/04/03 at 12:03 (115400)

Yes but I believe it was Dr. Reid he joined up you.

Re: Chicago conference ??

BrianG on 4/04/03 at 21:37 (115452)

I'm hoping there will be some new studies released for ESWT treatments. Since it really is in it's infancy in this country, I'm hoping to hear more about it each year!!!


PS: Couldn't they schedule it during some better weather!