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Posted by Bev on 4/03/03 at 18:34 (115350)

Carole, I see that you are having the 49th Annual New Orleans Home and Garden show on April 19 -20 . That will be neat to attend, and get ideas from. We are having a terrible snow and ice storm here and schools closed for 2 days , the snowmobilers are really happy, but I want spring!!! My sister just said they have their windows open and her flowers are all blooming there in the south - oh how nice. Well, I just wanted to say 'HI' , Carole , and so happy to hear you are having 'happy feet' :-).Have a nice evening, Bev

Re: To Bev

Kathy G on 4/04/03 at 09:47 (115380)


If I weren't lazy I'd do a search to find out. If I weren't hazy, I'd remember without asking. But neither is the case. Where do you live?

Re: To Bev

Bev on 4/04/03 at 13:31 (115405)

Kathy, We are freezing up here in Northern Michigan. Where are you enjoying the weather? Do you have flowers yet? Our poor robins came back, but now they are so confused,I hope they are okay.How are you doing today?

Re: To Bev

Kathy G on 4/04/03 at 18:46 (115438)

Hi Bev,

I'm in southern New Hampshire. We have crocuses up but they are buried in snow and ice, as we speak. It is sleeting outside and the roads are going to be treacherous tonight. I just drove a short distance and couldn't believe how bad the side streets are. Snow you can drive in; ice is another story.

I am concerned about our robins. They came back earlier than usual though I have no idea why since we've had an uncommonly cold, snowy winter. A robin usually nests on the support beams below our deck each year so we get to watch the birds from egg to first step. It's so neat! They've been coming back every year for the last six years or so. I don't know if it's the same robin or its offspring but they usually have two sets of eggs. Usually I see the robins hanging around the yard before they build their nest but this year, I only saw them once or twice. I'm hoping they're still around. They probably are; they're very resilient birds, I am told. I sure hope they're going to nest in the same place again!

Be good and think warm thoughts!

Re: Spring

Necee on 4/05/03 at 01:50 (115464)

This time last Fri we were having freezing temperatures here in Texas. This week has been really nice though, the trees have leafed out and the wildflowers are in full bloom. Our winter guests (Canadian geese), have returned home to Canada, guess it's just getting too warm for them here.
I've had to mow 4 times already and it's not even summer yet!

Happy trails...@};-