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Main Muscle in foot

Posted by Pat S on 4/04/03 at 22:18 (115457)

The neurologist told me that the main muscle in my foot was severely damaged. I had tarsal tunnel surgey in l984. I want to know if a person can get a muscle transplant for their foot. Also the tendon is gone in my foot. Can you get a tendon replacement? I am in a lot of pain. I want my foot to work again. I have very limited walking and standing.

Re: Main Muscle in foot

Mike W on 4/05/03 at 10:52 (115470)

Hello Pat,

Their really is not one main muscle in the foot. There are however 5 or 6 that are important and any one of them could be causing the problem. Muscles are usually attached to bone by tendons and therfore if the muscle is short/tight the related tendon where it attaches to the bone will be under strain as well.

I believe that instead of performing the traditional foot/lower leg exercises that you can reduce the strain by focusing on the opposing muscles.

For a new look at some effective foot exercises check out http://www.foottrainer.com and then click Plantar Fasciitis Exercises and for excellent pictures of the foot and lower muscles click anatomy.

Instead of thinking about a tendon replacement you might consider trying some of these exercises.

I hope you heal up very soon.


Mike W