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Birk question...?

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 4/05/03 at 14:18 (115481)

I am wondering - as yes, I LOVE my Birks too.....but, are they as helpful as we all think in light of this question that follows:
Since Birks 'form to our feet' -- if our feet are biomech. incorrectly hitting the ground, are the footbeds losing their correction upon wear & formation of our feet in those footbeds? Hmmm! I wondered this - if the time we spend in our Birks undo the time spent in our orthotics? I know - I think tooooo much - PF makes one do that! I know you all will agree! (-: Also, my pf heel pain, swelling, & overall foot pain & tinglingseems to be alot better w/ the elavil addition to my meds - but the ball of my foot is now still sore. New orthotics are coming in 2 wks....I am hopeful!!!

Re: some thoughts

Carole C in NOLA on 4/05/03 at 22:33 (115515)


I think the key to this, is to understand that Birkenstocks don't COMPLETELY form to our feet. The experience of breaking in Birkenstocks is not like stepping on a giant glob of silly putty or pudding.

The break in process just lets them partially form to our feet, which makes them more comfortable and easier for the feet to tolerate.

Some people can't even wear Birkenstocks. Most of us can, though, if we choose a model with the classic footbed, break them in slowly and, as a last resort, try the soft footbed version.

I have Birkenstock Arizonas with the classic footbed, and I also have Birkenstock Fuldas with the high arch Tatami footbed. Both are very thoroughly broken in by now, and while I don't feel anything is 'poking' me with either pair, the shape of the footbed feels very different.

And no... the time we spend in our Birkenstocks does not undo the time spend in our orthotics. In fact, while making my custom orthotics, my C.Ped INSTRUCTED me to wear my Birkenstocks in the evening, and my orthotics during the day. (I think the reason might have been that the slight differences in heel height would help my Achilles tendonitis, to provide variety, and also to help while breaking in the custom orthotics.)

With the ball of your foot being sore now, I hope you aren't developing Morton's neuroma like one other 'regular' on the board found she had, recently! Let's hope the new orthotics take care of it.

Carole C