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NCV Test

Posted by HilaryG on 4/06/03 at 07:25 (115524)

Just curious- Who gives an NCV Test? Is it a neurologist?

Re: NCV Test

Dr. Z on 4/06/03 at 10:37 (115527)

It can be a neurologist, or a tech. A neurologist will read the test and evaluate the results

Re: NCV Test

Cherie on 4/09/03 at 22:48 (115814)

I recently had a nerve conduction test done by a neurologist. It was not fun. They shock you quite a bit and then insert needles into the problem area to see if the nerves conduct a signal; however, they gave me quite a bit of info about my nerve injury. If your feet hurt as bad as mine, anything is worth trying. Good luck..