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John.... WWII museum

Posted by marie on 4/06/03 at 20:34 (115551)

We visited the Kruse World War II museum in Auburn IN today. It's still got some work tobe done on it yet but it was very nice facility. Right now they mostly have military vehicles. They also had some Veitnam and Desert Storm era vehicles. None of the displays are up yet. It should be finished in a couple of months. It will be a must see for all those veterens. My guys knew what all the vehicles were but I din't have a clue. Good thing I live with three men.


Re: John.... WWII museum

john h on 4/07/03 at 13:03 (115587)

Marie: that may not be far from one of the great air museums in the country which is the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. If you ever get a chance take your guys there and they will love it.