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bargain birkenstocks

Posted by Kathy K on 4/06/03 at 22:46 (115558)

Does anyone have the web address for a site for bargain birks?? There was one listed sometime ago....but, it doesn't seem to work now.

Re: bargain birkenstocks

Suzanne D on 4/07/03 at 12:19 (115581)

Kathy, I think you must be inquiring about the German site where many of us have ordered shoes for around half the cost. I have that sight bookmarked at home (I'm at school on my planning time right now.), and if no one responds to you before this evening, I'll repost then and give you the web address.

Suzanne :)

Re: bargain birkenstocks

Suzanne D on 4/07/03 at 20:06 (115620)

Kathy, for some reason, I cannot get the site to come up tonight. It is a site which I have bookmarked and used for over two years and never had any difficulty. I keep getting a message stating that I am not authorized to go to that site. I don't know what the problem is. I hope someone else can help with this. Perhaps there has been a change of address for the web site. :-/


Re: bargain birkenstocks

BECCA R. on 4/08/03 at 13:52 (115690)

I too have been unable to access the German Birkenstock site. I have received two orders from them in the past two weeks, but can no longer get to their site. I can't find their e-mail address either. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my sister is dying for a new Spring pair!

Re: bargain birkenstocks

Suzanne D on 4/08/03 at 14:55 (115696)

This IS strange, Becca! I wonder if they are in the process of changing their site's address.

I hope someone out there can help with this!

Suzanne :-)

Re: bargain birkenstocks

JenL on 4/08/03 at 16:02 (115703)

Try this:

Re: bargain birkenstocks

Suzanne D on 4/08/03 at 18:38 (115717)

Thanks, Jen! This is the same address I had bookmarked except for the fact that Birkenstock was capitalized in my address. When I click on my bookmark, I still get the 'You are not authorized...' message.

The site you posted brings this message: 'we are currently updating our website and moving to a new server. Some pictures may not be available for a short while. We apologize for any inconvenience...'

So, hoipefully, they will be operational again soon.

Suzanne :-)

Re: bargain birkenstocks

JenL on 4/09/03 at 08:48 (115749)

Hi Suzanne,
If you click on the underlined 'Birkenstock shoes and sandals' when you see the page with the message 'we are currently updating our website ...' you will be able to get into their site for detailed product info. I guess they don't want to stop their bussiness when moving to new server. The inconvenience they apologized for is that SOME PICTURES are not available now. I know that page looks so plain that it made you think their whole site is not working.
Well they should give me a discount for being a sort of traffic director.


Re: bargain birkenstocks

Suzanne D on 4/09/03 at 10:27 (115757)

Thanks, Jen!! I did what I tell my students NOT to do and didn't take enough time READING! :'>

Suzanne :)

Re: bargain birkenstocks

JoAnn on 4/09/03 at 23:47 (115817)

If you really want a BARGIN.... go to Ebay for birks

Re: bargain birkenstocks

Kathy K on 4/10/03 at 18:31 (115898)

Thanks to all for your info...will check in to the site.