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Posted by Julie V on 4/06/03 at 23:36 (115559)

This is the first time I have sat down and read info. on TTS. I had surgery 12/01 after a year and a half of unsuccessful treatments and much pain. I have flat feet and have worn orthotics for many years before injuring my ankle in 6/00. Hours after surgery I could tell that the surgery was successful. I only had real pain from surgery and not nerve pain. Since then I only need to make sure I wear my orthotics and limit too much exercise. I don't usually have pain anymore, but can tell when I have overdone things. During all of this time I have gained weight which does not help my feet at all. I used to walk a lot to keep my weight down, but this isn't possible anymore. Biking is okay. I am a little scared to have symptoms come back, but really need to get back into shape. Any suggestions?

Re: Exercise

Pam S. on 4/07/03 at 00:15 (115562)

Dear Julie:
Do you like to swim? Also yoga is great and bring your own cushy mat because the floor it hard on our feet. It is very good strengthening/stretching for the leg/ body and the feet. I like the recumbant sp? bike and the eliptical precor machine if you have access to a gym. I also saw a nutrionist for advise on eating well less carbs and sweets. It all takes time. I do not do may maching for more than 15 minutes at a time. I switch around. I hope this helps you.