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Question(s) for Dr. Davis

Posted by SteveG on 4/07/03 at 12:05 (115579)

Dr. Davis - I had ESWT in your office last December, and my heel pain is 50-70% improved. I would, however, like to come to your office and discuss what, if anything, I can do to treat the more distal aspects of this problem. I notice some lumps behind my metatarsals that I think are fibromas. These have flared up again after some physical therapy I had for my knees. In fact, since I was not diagnosed by you, I would like you to give me an evaluation to confirm the PF diagnoses and see if there are any other problems we might need to address. Should I just call your office and tell them I need to schedule an evaluation?


Re: Dr. Davis is on vacation for a week

Sharon W on 4/07/03 at 20:57 (115623)

Cool, huh? B-)

Of course, you could probably still contact his office staff...


Re: Question(s) for Dr. Davis

Dr. Z on 4/09/03 at 13:15 (115775)

This is DR. ED secretary . Please call the office and we will evaluate you completely.