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Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Posted by Pat S on 4/08/03 at 04:20 (115632)

I want to know if thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome? I am overweight and I also want to know if the weight caused the problem?
I realize that extra pounds makes the problem worse, but do THIN people sometimes suffer from this affliction?...Thanks, Pat

Re: Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Terry Z on 4/08/03 at 07:38 (115642)

I had surgery in January for TTS and I'm thin although mine was the caused from trauma. I would guess there are many thin people with this condition but then I can't say for sure. Weight maybe one of the factors but then there are a lot of people that are overweight without this condition.

Re: Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Pam S. on 4/08/03 at 09:25 (115646)

I am thin and I wish I could gain 5 lbs. in my feet!!! We all know that is not where the lbs. would end up...right ladies!!! My dr. told me if I had more weight on my pain would be worse. (I have TTS) I have no idea why I have this because my MRI shows no mass. I think my heels are so thin there is not enough room for everything. Flat, thin feet equals trouble I think. What does anyone else think?

Re: Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Kathy G on 4/08/03 at 11:08 (115669)

I am not really thin but I'm not overweight. Actually when I was diagnosed with a Mortons Neuroma and PF, I was ten pounds lighter and I looked better but I'm still not considered overweight. I do have almost no fat on the bottom of my feet, never have had. The doctor said that does contribute to the problem. My treatment plan has always been to have liposuction on my stomach to remove the extra ten pounds from there and have them inject that fat into my feet. For some strange reason, I have been unable to find anyone to do that for me! It makes perfect sense to me!

My grown son, who's 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds on a good day, has PF. He's actually one of those cured people who still wears orthotics but thankfully is pain-free. So yes, thin people can get it! And we have lots runners who have posted who are not at all over-weight. So, the way I look at it is that being overweight can be a contributory cause of PF and losing weight can help it but the extra weight isn't the only reason for getting it.

Re: Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Dr. David S. Wander on 4/08/03 at 18:29 (115715)

Thin and overweight patients can have tarsal tunnel syndrome. There are many factors that contribute to tarsal tunnel surgery, and although being overweight certainly isn't beneficial, it isn't a pre-requisite for having tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Re: Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Pat S on 4/08/03 at 20:28 (115723)

I want to thank everyone for their comments on if being overweight causes tarsal tunnel syndrome. I am sorry that thin people have this problem also, but I am glad it is not just a 'fat' issue. As I look back I think my problem started initially when I was pregnant with twins. In the last month of the pregnancy I had so much swelling in my feet. Another factor for me was I have always been extremely flat footed. I worked as a first grade teacher for 26 years and I was continually standing. Thanks again for your comments to the thin verses overweight issue for tarsal tunnel syndrome...Pat

Re: Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Suzanne D on 4/09/03 at 17:12 (115788)

Hi, Pat! I know this is not the social board, but as a first grade teacher in my 23rd year, I just had to say 'hello' after reading this last post from you. Come to the social board here sometime, and we'll talk school! :D

Good luck to you. I hope you find improvement soon!

Suzanne :)