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Good Feet arch supports

Posted by Pam Le on 4/08/03 at 21:10 (115730)

Has anyone tried the Good Feet arch supports that are advertised in the info-mercials? If so, I'd love some feedback.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Richard, C.Ped on 4/09/03 at 10:57 (115759)

Do a 'search' using 'Goodfeet' as your subject. You will find tons of opinions about it. It that still does not answer any questions you may have....please let me know.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Andy O on 4/15/03 at 23:15 (116252)

I checked them out at my local store. They seem to have potential. There are several types for different foot types. But after seeing them advertised on TV as selling for $39 and up, my sales person told me they cost $269.00. Ouch! That's as much as a custom orthotoc. I also objected to the high pressure sales tactics she used.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

BGCPed on 4/16/03 at 15:35 (116327)

Yes indeed, unfortunatly they are a scam. I had another pt in today. Paid $500 for 2 plastic pre-made inserts. She got the dog and pony show/snake oil pitch and is now hosed out of that money. I am up to about 2 people per week that got ripped off by these folks. They also told her that her feet will re-shape after wearing them.....total nonsense

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Carole C in NOLA on 4/16/03 at 16:19 (116332)

They don't? I believe you, BGCPed, because I think you know feet. But I did not know that, and find it to be interesting. I would have thought that a person's orthotics might re-shape their feet at least somewhat after a few years.

Don't get me wrong. From all I've heard here, I'm definitely no Good Feet Store fan. I've got one about 1/4 mile from my house, and have never set foot inside it.

Carole C

Re: Good Feet arch supports

BGCPed on 4/17/03 at 15:24 (116434)

Well it is a myth for the most part. Perhaps Dr Ed, Wander or Z can ad to this (maybe even Dr. Manoli if he pops in) With the young pt up until about age 11-12 the feet are somewhat pliable so to speak. They are not fully formed so in some cases an orthotic will encourage better alignment.
Once the foot is formed it may change shape from wt gain/loss, injury, or nerve issues but it basically remains the same.

An example is Birks, they dont really change your foot shape your foot learns to tolerate the shape of the Birks. They remain the same hard shape. You can look at a pair that are 3 years old and they are smoother but same shape. What makes a proper orthotic work is that it limits or encourages improper motion of the foot. This control is what reduces the symptoms if they are caused by poor biomechanics.

They are like corrective lenses, they dont change your eyes, they just 'trick' them into proper vision. Some will maintain that stretching/strengthening will make you grow an arch, but I dont see it. That is not to say stretching is bad but it doesnt do much to change foot shape.

Thats why the goodfeet idea that you buy 2 pair to reshape foot is crap. I would welcome the opinion of others

Re: Good Feet arch supports

BGCPed on 4/17/03 at 18:44 (116449)

correction, should read it limits improper foot motion but encourages proper motion. The bones of the foot are like blocks in a wall. They themselves dot dictate shape to a large degree. The soft tissue, tendons and ligaments do. The relative tension or lack of is what dictate foot shape and function.

Granted, cutting and shifting the calcaneous for instance can change the way the foot hits the ground. The soft tissue is like the mortar in a wall of blocks. The wall is only as strong as the mortar holding it. If you went in and cut most of the tendons and ligaments in a foot you would have something as stable as a bag of marbles. The bones themselves do not dictate shape to a large degree.

If there is a study that supports the claim that wearing an ortotic over a given time will tighten up ligaments and tendons making you grow an arch I would like to see it. Over time a shoe that is very very tight can deform the toes and make them mishapen but I dont see a premade orthotic with no heel cup and a met lump reshaping any foot.

I think the deal is the softer cheaper one is easier to tolerate and a step up to the harder one. That would mean less returns and complaints plus an extra sale since the firmer one is more offensive at first. For $550 you should get 4 pairs, a shoe and somebody from goodfeet to make you breakfast and clean your house for a week.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 21:42 (116469)


That makes sense. If stretching/strengthening made one grow an arch, or if wearing orthotics changed one's foot shape, you'd certainly be the one to see it, in your occupation!

After not wearing my orthotics for nine months, when I started wearing them again I thought maybe they changed the shape of my feet. At first they felt like I'd stuffed a rolled up pair of socks in the rear arch of each shoe. I felt like

1) there was a mountain in the rear arch area, and
2) like my feet (especially my rearfeet) were laterally tilted at a big angle.

But in a day or two they felt unbelievably great anyway, and didn't feel so strange. Now they feel quite normal but still amazingly great. I guess it was probably my mind playing a game with me, rather than a change in the shape of my feet.

Carole C

Re: Good Feet arch supports

BGCPed on 4/17/03 at 21:55 (116471)

No it was prob just your feet responding to being in a better posture biomechanically. Your feet got used to them, then when not wearing them your foot reverted to old posture. That is why we have a break-in period. Do you think your foot grew an arch after 9 months they wouldnt feel hard or high in the arch area, they would feel low since you grew an arch

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 22:05 (116473)

I think that for $550 someone from Goodfeet should also mow and edge my lawn every weekend this year! When I see a coupon for that in the paper, I'll make a special trip to the Goodfeet up the street to redeem it.

I don't know if tendons and ligaments would tighten up at all over time, if an orthotic is worn. I do know that my tendons were darn tight enough when my PF was at its worst and they were tender and inflamed. I think I had a lot higher arch at that time than later on when my PF seemed 100% healed up.

I did notice that when I rested and wore orthotics all the time, I needed to stretch more or my foot and leg tissues seemed to just get shorter and my feet seemed to be more easily re-injured due there being less slack in the tissues; however that may have been some sort of muscle response.

I suppose various footwear (including orthotics) might affect different foot muscles by strengthening or weakening them, stretching them or making them tighten up, and so on. The muscles in turn might affect the shape of the foot, perhaps. But then maybe muscles are too elastic to have the effect on foot shape that tendons and ligaments have.

Carole C

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 22:08 (116474)

No, you are right. I was thinking that maybe temporarily my foot had an arch in it, while I wore the orthotics, and that it went away gradually over the nine months when I didn't wear them. But then, that feeling that they were high in the arch area only lasted a day or two, and that's way too short a time for anything lasting to have happened.

Carole C

Re: Good Feet arch supports

jeff h. on 5/14/03 at 19:01 (118766)

i have tried them for a short while a 'little' - i said little help or relief from a verypainful heel spur from playing softball and volleyball jeff try the flatfoot.com inserts they are better -- my opinion though check it out yourself jeff

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Pam Le on 5/14/03 at 19:12 (118768)

Thanks for the input. From what everyone else has said, I am not too keen on trying out the Good Feet supports. Sounds like a scam.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

jeff h. on 5/19/03 at 07:23 (119238)

Hi am just trying to work with them-- they take some gettin used to but i think they relieve some pain and cause some new redirection of muscles and areas of foot to be supported! i believe my flat foot syndrome is what is helped by the good arch support of Good Feet products-- takes about a month or two to feel better though.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Dave S. on 5/19/03 at 23:21 (119342)

I wouldn't refer good feet to anyone. Their extreme price (ridiculous for what it costs them to make) plus a non-existant return policy will make you say hmmm. If they are so great, why to they have a strict 'NO REFUND' policy. I would think that if the product worked, they would have no worries about someone bringing them back. They only want your money, and lots of it from what I can see. Very sad indeed. I hope they work for you, and you feel as if your money was well spent. I'll keep mine in my pocket and try something else. BTW, Yes, I did visit a goot feet store after being led in by the 'bait and switch' infomercial. Very odd experience, the sales lady continually dodged my questions about price but seemed very interested in sending me out the door with a couple of sets... And, she really didn't seem to know much about feet, I think I knew more than she did just from what I have picked up from this site and a few foot doc visits. They are bordering on Quackery in my opinion....funny there aren't more complaints about them- maybe not the product necessarily (it may work I don't know) but more on the store in general I.e. Price and refund policy or lack thereof.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

David G on 5/16/07 at 22:13 (230029)

I was a manager of a good feet store. I received 3 days of training after which i was to open a new location and hire staff. I will qualify that i have 20 years of retail management experience.I was very excited about this new opportunity as it seemed that I would be supplying a great service.I hired a very good sales assosiate with years in the shoe industry.

While training the owner of the store fitted me for a pair of alzner orthotics. I have flat feet and these inserts were acclaimed to acctualy cure the problem. It took the better part of two years to fix the problems these inserts caused. I had such severe calusses that i couldn't walk bare foot and had to have them removed many times.

to sum it up I quit because I felt it was immoral to sell products that were very bad for feet. I was told I had to sell 80%+ in packages That were $450.00 and any commisions that were to be paid were taken away if I had a reslection rate over 4%. Now I see my former employer doing commercials calling himself Dr.Steve. He is a chiropracter from New Mexico that has no professional experience dispensing orthotics and is not even licensed to practice in Canada.

Take my challenge, go into the store and ask about the $99.00 product you saw on TV. The sales person (not an expert) will print your footprint and tell you you need a package of an insole, either an Alzner or classic exersizer with a Flex relaxer, the cost will be approx 450.00
After that point please walk away while you still can and see a reputable expert that can help you and be covered by your insurance.

Re: To David

HilaryG on 5/17/07 at 11:00 (230058)

David- I just want to say how much I appreciate your post. Thank you very much. Hilary

Re: Good Feet arch supports

john h on 5/17/07 at 11:10 (230060)

David: I walked into one when it first opened. Your description fits perfectly. I saw a lot of people in there who must have been on Medicade or Medicare and that made it even more scary as some of them did not seemed to be very informed and would be easy marks. They are still in business after 5 years so they must be making money. I found no experts in there.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Ralph on 5/17/07 at 11:56 (230063)

If more people could be exposed to your post it could stop a lot of them from being ripped off.

Re: Good Feet arch supports

David G on 6/20/07 at 19:15 (231881)

I'm so grateful that several people have read my response to Good Feet. My wife was alarmed that I finally posted what I did for fear of liability. The owner clearly knows who wrote what I had to say as my real name is David. I will admit when I first started I was truly pumped on what I was doing, however it was short lived. I know that there is many ways to help people with disabling problems, but, taking advantages of these poor folks is really quite shameful. If you need help be very selective about who you see. I wear your typical insoles that you can buy anywhere for about 20.00. I needed to to correct the problems the Good Feet products caused.
I will also remark that in the USA people have launched lawsuits against this company for good reason. I am prepared to assist anyone on what my Good Feet experience was if that could help them.

Thanx David

Re: Good Feet arch supports

FYI on 7/17/07 at 12:48 (233111)

if you are wondering about information regarding Good Feet products go to this Vancouver Canada sight and read.http://www.discovervancouver.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=92459

Re: Good Feet arch supports

Kim Z on 5/26/09 at 16:01 (257745)

I just got back from a vacation in Vegas where I saw the info- mercial for good feet. I did go to a store and the minute I put them in my shoe and walked I had instant relief. I then did Hoover Dam tour, then the Grand Canyon (2 days later) without ANY pain in my heel. I have had PF for a year and had trouble just grocery shopping. I work in a retail store, and bartend at my family business. The last year had me wiped out. I did 12 weeks of PT with minimal relief. This is the first real relief and I could not be happier! Wish I knew about them a long time ago. I find there is a store a few towns over, go figure! I recommend them highly. Yes they were very expensive, but what I paid in PT and doctors was nothing in comparison. I got an exerciser and a maintainer inserts and one set of pads $430. When I don't wear them the pain returns. They are not a scam. The joy I feel you cannot imagine. I was so excited to be able to do the things I wanted pain free. What a relief! I want to shout it from the roof top. I don't know if they will work for everyone, but they let you try before you buy. You wear them in the store and if it doesn't work for you you do not have to buy. My husband tried it and was sold until the price came out. I was the priority so I got them. He will get them when we can afford another set. Our sales person gave no pressure. I wished someone had told me about them months ago.