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To: CarynZ.

Posted by Necee on 4/09/03 at 01:09 (115741)

Tell me more about your experience with Dynamint. I have used a linament on my horses in the past, and was told it could be used on humans, but not yet approved by the FDA. It has DMSO as it's main ingredient, and is very helpful in healing sore muscles, etc. I can't get it here anymore so I'd like the website for this Dynamint product, I have trouble with sore, tight and aching muscles all the time, so I'm desperate to try anything.
Thanks Caryn.

Happy trails....**==

Re: To: CarynZ.

carynz on 4/10/03 at 17:11 (115891)

hi Necee,

I have been using the product now for a while. My daughter uses it on her knees and legs for dancing and they have been selling it at her dance studio for quite some time. Our chiropractor uses it for treatments as does my physio-therapist who recommended it to me when I began treatment for my shoulder after having my surgery a few months ago. All of these businesses promote this product because it is a local company here and it is all natural. The product was developed for equine use on race horses for aching/sore joints and also farmers here use it on the cow udders when milking them. There are no drugs, alcohol, or other additives in the product it comes in a lotion form bottle and you only have to use a little bit. I use the size of a quarter in my hand and sometimes mix it with other lotion if I want to dull the strength but the scent does not linger or stay in your clothes, skin etc. The company has now developed a Dynamint cream for human use but the equine strength seems more effective. I have found that using it 30 minutes before going to bed does relieve some muscle tension and then I can relax my foot/leg somewhat. I have also used it on my shoulder/arm after having my surgery and have found a lot of relief so I can sleep without pain. There is a website that you can get info on how to purchase it from a US distributor for the company. If you want something more personal, I'd be happy to help you out if you want to exchange addresses at some time. Hope this helps you some. The website for info is http://www.integratedbiosys.com