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Chronic heel/foot pain after taking levaquin but dianosed as PF

Posted by Karl on 4/09/03 at 16:50 (115787)

I was diagnosed with plantars facistis in my left foot around two years ago. Normally I would get over it if I would rest and refrain from my normal exercise routine. However, in November of 2002 I had a sinus infection and my doctor perscribed levaquin for it. After about 4 days on the levequin I developed a great degree of heel pain. I looked up the side effects of the drug and found that it can caused heel pain and possible tendonal rupture. I stopped taking the drug immediately and contacted my physician and my podiatrist. After taking the levaquin I rested my feet for several weeks as much as possible and refrained from running, biking, etc. I have attempted to go back to my normal routine, but even today I cannot bear to stand for even a few minutes. My podiatrist had me go through physical therapy, and has just put me on oral steroids but thus far there has been no significant impovement from either. I have asked her if if the chronic nature of my problem could be rooted in the levaquin, but she insists that this could not be possible. Is she correct?

Re: Chronic heel/foot pain after taking levaquin but dianosed as PF

Dr. Z on 4/09/03 at 17:25 (115789)

I have heard of Achilles tendonitis being caused by levaquin. I have a better one. I have a patient who was cured by levaquin. I though it just might be fluke, but she develped pf in the opposite foot a year later. I placed her on levaquin and she was cured in two weeks. Strange but true