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A question about exercise and TTS

Posted by Pam S. on 4/09/03 at 22:42 (115811)

I have TTS and a mild case of PF. It would seem to me that one should not do pounding type of exercise such as running or long walks. Is is ok to do the eliptical precor machine or the recumbant bike? I have not noticed my pain is worse after doing these but who knows. If I stopped maybe I would get better? I REALLY need to exercise
Another question, is there any hope that some incredible researcher (maybe one of you fabulous drs.) might invent an easier road to relief for TTS rather than surgery? Thank you for your concern, your knowledge and your time!!!!

Re: A question about exercise and TTS

lara t on 4/10/03 at 08:07 (115831)

I have found - after 3 years (really 6 years, but 3 years of accurate diagnosis & treatment) that any exercise will aggravate my feet BUT, if I wear my compression socks, an anklet brace, and high-top shoes, I can get in 20-30 minutes on a stair-stepper or exercise bicycle. I figure I have so many steps a day before things get bad. I'm fortunate that whatever that number is, it includes enough time for exercising (depending on what else I do that day/week, although not usually an issue). So, yes I do notice it, but I can manage it. Exercise seems important enough to use up some of my 'daily step allotment'.

Re: Comments for Lara

Pam S. on 4/10/03 at 23:26 (115920)

Lara, I am happy you have had success with your protocol. What type of ankle brace? I am assuming that keeps you from pronating. Is that the goal here? I really think the compression sock is helping me. It is also helping my shoes fit better since my feet are so narrow and thin. I can hardly wear clogs without two pairs of socks.
Today I walked outside. It is finally warming up alittle here and I had to get outside. Plus I STOOD at my daughter's track meet and just had an otherwise normal day.
I think maybe I should tell myself I am doing pretty well. What do you think? I want to be perfect like 5 years ago but it is not going to happen ( unless i break down and try the surgery but I am tooooo chicken)
It is tempting thou.....what is I would be lots lots better.
In the mean time , like you i am enjoying my family and as I read about other people I think maybe I am not so bad off.
Are there any sandles for narrow feet should I want to get fancy and wear capris or something wild like that...maybe a pair of shorts. Imaging that? Summer is a challenge with foot problems Thanks Did you have a positive needle EMG to validate that you have TTS? Just curious I cannot keep everyone straight

Re: Comments for Lara

lara t on 4/11/03 at 08:09 (115929)

The ankle brace is just the stuff I can buy in the grocery store. NOthing special. It laces up the front. My goal is to keep my foot in as much of a right angle as possible, as I am convinced that it is the 'flexing' (not flexion position) that comes with walking/running, most any activity, that most aggravates my TTS. With the brace, and choosing exercises in which I don't have to 'flex' much (stair stepper, bicycle), I can get in my exercise.

I don't know much about taking care of narrow feet - but I recommend going to a shoe store that is run by a perdothist (sp?). My experience is they know about different shoes for different problems.

I believe the best test for TTS is the NCV (although false negatives are not uncommon), not an EMG, although the EMG can provide useful information. I had the NCV - it came back positive.

Good luck.