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PF pain base of 5th metatarsals

Posted by peter f on 4/10/03 at 08:50 (115837)

Dear Dr Z

Both heels are now better after eswt x3- butI still have pain at the base of my 5th metatarsals where a band of fascia inserts in the anatomy books-I have had one eswt Rx on each side but without the great reponse I have experienced in the heels. Have you seen PF here or is it just because patients have spent a year walking on the lateral side of their feet? Do you think it will self limit??

NB out of interest I had medial calcaneal nerve symptoms which settled after my last eswt

Re: PF pain base of 5th metatarsals

Dr. Z on 4/10/03 at 10:05 (115840)


It probaby is your peroneal brevis tendon which inserts into the base of the left and right 5th met base. This can be the results of compensation

Re: PF pain base of 5th metatarsals

peter f on 4/11/03 at 02:59 (115922)

thanks Dr Z-shall I just give it more time (2.5 years now) or any specific Rx?

Re: PF pain base of 5th metatarsals

Dr. Z on 4/11/03 at 09:16 (115931)

Physical therapy. local steriod injections, taping, are all very helpful for chronic peroneal tendonitis. May need an mri to rule out any tear or degeneration in these tendons

Re: PF pain base of 5th metatarsals

Peter F on 4/12/03 at 04:09 (115989)

Thanks again Dr Z