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Surgery next?

Posted by rick m on 4/10/03 at 12:53 (115858)

hello, and thanks for responding to this post. I am a 42 year old male, have been treated for heel spur, now for about 9 months, have had seven
shots in my left foot now, other conventinal treatments include, ultra sound, night boot, exercises, ice, anti-inflam. meds, and physical therapy. also, had the ewst on 12-18-03. Had some refeif from all of the above, how ever i continue to have survere pain at times.My other heel is starting to hurt on right side. also had a shot in the right heel. numbness in left leg, and hip discomfort too. work on feet all day, factory worker (overtime is a killer).saw doctor today again, (have seen two doctors in same group), talked about two surgeries, pfs (plantar fascia surgery) and the traditional heel spur surgery. Wanting more permanet fix. to reduce pain!information out there is confusing! sounds like most people have problems with surgery!Any and all advice, and information would help! email me at (email removed) thank you!

Re: Surgery next?

Dr. Z on 4/10/03 at 15:32 (115885)

Why won't you ESWT physician explore a 2nd ESWT treatment. This in many cases resolves the pain that didn't go away from the first treatment
What was the machine that was used for your chonic insertional plantar fasciitis

Re: Surgery next?

Dee D on 7/24/03 at 14:42 (125155)

Please tell me what you decided to do and what the outcome has been so far. I am at a similar crossroads right now. Thanks.

Re: Surgery next?

rick m on 7/25/03 at 16:48 (125239)

Hey and everyone else:

I had the endoscope plantar fasciotomy (EPF) on may 12th 2003. I have recovered from the epf, however it did not work! I still have a lot of heelpain, foot pain, and even some leg and hip discomfort. My other foot is hurting too. have be returned to work, on restrictions. However, my work place has no job for me, so i am on sick leave since may 12th 2003. and a second surgery is to be scheduled, waiting for insurance company to approve and schedule it. Foot pain after about 2/3 hours on it. the pain is the same, before the epf.

The next surgery, is to be similar to the epf, however it will be cut open 2/3 inch long, and take out some of the tendion, next to the heel. tried to get a second opion, can;t get in till end of sept.

It has now bee over a year with this heel spur problem, very depressed, and feel like this will be a part of my life for ever!

good luck rick

Re: Surgery next?

BevN. on 7/26/03 at 12:07 (125281)


I feel so badly for you that the surgery did not work and that you have to go through that all again :( At least you have sick leave to tide you through all of this. These bad feet of ours surely do get us down , don't they :( I wish you the very best with your next procedure %%- Bev

Re: Surgery next?

Tammie on 7/28/03 at 23:29 (125511)

Rick Please Think about that second surgery! It didnt work the first time You said although if I read right you said it was this last May? If so that is not very long for you healing as it can take up to 6 months or a yr at that not a good reason to jump into another surgery! I am telling you this because if you search back on my name you will see that I to had the surgery for the heel spur and the pf release and no not work to well so they went back in thinking it was a nerve compressed and guess what? I now have RSD and most of my Dr.s who have DX me have told me they feel I had it before my second surgery . Not being able to examin me tho they could not tell me positivly but there feelings on what I had described told them enough that they felt they should have not done the surgery and they should have done some testing such as perhaps a MRI a Nerve testing More PT even But not more surgery .

It is not my decision to make for you but If I could change your mind slightly I would tell you to run like the wind and find some other Dr.s and search for the ones who tell you it has not been that long to heal! Rick a few months may make a big difference in the rest of your life ,Really get some other dr.s thoughts take the time it is really worth it learn from my mistakes. I know have a spinal stimulaator in dealing with RSD this started out with me having a heel spur and pf surgery DR told me no troubles be back in shoes in 10 days whatever and it went into another surgery and then my nightmare began leading into a fianl dx of RSD so please dont rush the surgery , take the time find other dr.s You need to question WHY it didnt work anyways dont you? Good Luck to what ever you do!