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Plantar Fascitis

Posted by Elizabeth C. on 4/11/03 at 07:52 (115925)

This is the first time I have been on this web site. More than a year ago I was officially diagnosed with plantar Fascitis. Five years ago I went to an Orthopedic doctor who told me I had heal spurs (both feet) and gave me silicone heal inserts and sent me on my way. In the last year, I have have had orthotics made, three cortizone shots in each foot, ruptued my left fascia, and my right is on its way. I don't know if I completely ruptured the left, but it was worse pain than having my twins. I could not even put my foot down. All the podiatrist did was give me a walking cast and followed up after six weeks. Believe it or not my left foot feels so much better; I have minimal pain in my left foot since then. Now my right is right foot is another story. I am not sure what to do with it. I have talked to my doctor about ESWT, but my insurance doesn't cover it and it's really expensive. I have considered surgery, but I have heard negative things about it. I can't stand the pain anymore and I want my life back. Should I wait and hope ESWT will be covered eventually or should I go for the surgery. I can't receive anymore cortizone shots, which take the 'bite' out of the pain. Have you heard of Z-Coil Shoes(Zcoil.com)? I have heard wonderful things about them. I am thinking about buying a pair of them before I make any major decision. I am very athletic and have a very high pain tolerance, but this is bad. I have four children and I can't run after them. Does anyone have any advise?

I appreciate your time,


Re: Plantar Fascitis

Tom C on 4/11/03 at 11:38 (115938)

Elizabeth, I am in a similal situation and can empathize with you fully.

You are not alone. Perhaps one of these days the Ins Co's will wake up, we hope.

Take care.


Re: Plantar Fascitis

Richard, C.Ped on 4/11/03 at 13:40 (115949)

Hi Elizabeth...sorry to hear about your pain. Please read the PF book on this site. Very informative. As for the Z-Coil...I am not a fan of them..but that is the opinion of a simple C.Ped..haha.

After you read the PF book...please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. That is why we are here.

Re: Plantar Fascitis

Elizabeth C. on 4/13/03 at 22:41 (116071)

Dear Tom,

Thanks for the advise. I started to read the PF book...WOW it's kinda overwelming...but a great source! I am sure I will have lots of questions after thoroughly reading it. I do have one question...I was casted for orthotics and have been wearing them when I excersize and with most of my shoes. Should I also wear a heel cushion to take the impact off my heels?
The orthotics I have are a very hard material to support my arch, but do not provide a cushion to the heel.

Thanks for your advise,