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PF surgery

Posted by George W on 4/11/03 at 08:51 (115930)

The reason I'm writing this is simply to let people know that there are patients who experience great success with PF surgery. After I found this web-site, I couldn't help but notice the many posts on here talking about the long rehabilitation process & how difficult life has been since surgery. If I found this web-site prior to surgery, I really doubt I would have gone through with it. My point is everyone's case will be different. Different surgeries, different surgeons, different weights, different ages, different activity levels etc. I suggest as you read through these posts, to keep an open mind and not use them as a basis to making your final decision.

I'm a 38 year old male who developed PF because of running. I've had PF for about a year. I tried stretching, anti- inflammatory and several cortisone injections to no avail. My doctor suggested EST, however, it's not yet been approved through my insurance. I elected to have PF surgery as I'm really anxious to get back to running. I had the surgery on March 21st. I had my stitches removed on April 10th.
I have been walking on my foot since three days after surgery. I have only taken one vicoden tablet the evening after surgery (I didn't even need that). I'm healing well, and have no abnormal pain whatsoever. I have been walking without a limp now for a week. At the end of a long day, I do experience some fatigue in my foot…but keep in mind it's only been three weeks post op. Without any set-backs, I fully expect to be running in another month or so. I'll keep you all posted.

George W

Re: PF surgery

Dr. Z on 4/11/03 at 12:19 (115944)

So glad you are doing well!!! The problem with PF surgery is that when you do have problems they can be serious, not so with ESWT. I alway say once you have surgery the clock can't be turned back, however with ESWT there is no clock involved, only an insurance company in the way. Make sure you don't try to run for at least eight weeks. I can feel you hoofs wanting to move

Re: PF surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/14/03 at 21:28 (116144)


A lot of the posters who are here have difficult cases and/or failed surgery. There certainly are large numbers of patients who have had successful PF release surgery and are very satisfied.

The problem is that when we look at the numbers, in aggregate, we know that about 60 to 70% of surgery will be successful. The remaining 30 to 40% is a big number to be concerned about though. The other issue is that we now have a treatment, in ESWT, that can take the place of most (not all) surgery. It would be my hope that all surgical candidates had tried ESWT or at least seriously considered it before proceeding to surgery.
The plantar fascia is an important supporting structure that is sacrificed in surgery so it is generally in one's best interest to consider the entire gamut of non-surgical alternatives. Best wishes.

Re: PF surgery

Bill D on 4/21/03 at 21:43 (116760)

Who is your Doctor? I would love a consult with a surgeon that comes recommended from an acutal believer. Thanks for the good report.

Re: PF surgery

Gerry A on 6/04/03 at 21:55 (120984)


I'm so glad to see a posative post. My issues are very much like yours. I have had 2 shots and am taken naproexen. Symptoms are much improved. However, I still can't run or bike. My goal is to get back on the marathon trail. The Dr. says my last option is surgery. After reading all of the horror stories on this site I became depressed and thought no way.

You have given me hope.

I am very interesed in your case and would appreciate if you could keep me in the loop on your progress. My only reason for contemplating surgery is so I can run again.

If your interested in sharing your progress with a fellow runner my e-mail address is: (email removed).

Good luck!