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Cheilectomy surgery update

Posted by JohnV on 4/11/03 at 18:40 (115973)

So far, so good on day two of the recovery period.

The foot pain remains at a minimal level and is only stemming from the incision. It is my understanding that the surgery only involved the removal of the bone spurs and nothing else. So, that is my guess as to why it does not hurt as much as I thought it would.

I actually drove my car today and did a bit of shopping with my wife while using my cane and the surgical shoe(with the orthotic). I am starting to notice more movement in the joint.

I am also going back to work tomorrow - boredom is setting in. Hopefully, I can get back on my bicycle in about ten days.

As I may have said earlier, the surgery could not reverse cartilage loss. I still don't know what that means down the road for me. Hopefully, on Monday at my doctor's appointment, I will get some feedback.

I am quite shocked as to how easy this has been.

Take care,