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TTS surgery-both feet?

Posted by Liz R. on 4/12/03 at 20:53 (116018)

Has anyone had TTS surgery on both feet at once? I had surgery two months ago after having trouble with my feet for a year and a half. First, I went to a pod and she gave me some orthodics. Then I went to an orthopedic that specializes in feet and ankle. He gave me corizone shots and night splints. These did not work either. I decided to have the surgery after all other treatments failed. I had an EMG nerve test done and I did find out it was TTS. Before surgery I had pains in my heels. Since my job involves standing on my feet all day I decided to have the surgery. I have read on this message board about people not putting weight on the foot that was operated on. When I came home from the hospital they fitted me with walking boots. I walked into the house after surgery--no wheelchair or crutches. I wore the boots for ten days and then walked on my feet. Since the surgery I have had tingling and numbness in one foot, excluding the heel. I have had a lot of pain and about two weeks ago my scars got infected. My dr. gave me some antibiotics but they have not completely cleared up. My scars bother and itch me. My dr. did not tell me to use ice on my scars after surgery. I went back to work this week after being off for 7 weeks. Since I stand on my feet all day my feet were in very much excruciating pain. I am going to see my dr. this week and I am going to talk to him about taking Neurontin if the pain in my feet does not get better. I did not realize the recovery for this surgery was so long. I do wear my Birks at work. Any suggestions?

Re: TTS surgery-both feet?

BrianG on 4/13/03 at 21:43 (116068)

Hi Liz,

Unfortunatly your story is nothing new here! If you go back a bit, you will read many stories just like yours. I only have one bit of advice for you, and I hope you will listen.

You went back to work much too early!! Did you tell your doctor, and your supervisor how much pain you were in? Or did you just suck it up and go back to work? Either way, I think it's time to sit down with your doctor and really let him know whats happening. Write down a list, of how the pain is effecting your life. Include what you can no longer do, exactlly how the pain is effecting, you, and your family. Document, document, document! And don't forget to keep detailed records for yourself, as well as your doc.

If your doctor agrees, and takes you back out of work, make sure he gives you a good plan of how he is going to heal you. Is he ging to send you for PT? Is he going to prescribe real pain meds, and something to sleep if you need it? I know the insurance will be a hassle, but you will NOT heal if you continue to punish your feet!

If your doctor caves in to the insurance company, it's time to see a lawyer, and another doctor. Please don't think this is something you can work through, because it could cause you chronic pain for the rest of your life!!

I wish you the best,

Re: TTS surgery-both feet?

Terry on 4/14/03 at 10:00 (116087)

Neurotin worked very well for me when I got up to 1600mg/day. Slow down. Pain is an indicator you are trying to do too much to quickly.
Best of luck.

Re: TTS surgery-both feet?

Sheri on 4/15/03 at 15:10 (116208)

Terry- How long did you take neurontin 1600mg. a day when you noticed it helped?

Re: TTS surgery-both feet?

Terry on 4/15/03 at 20:35 (116240)

I started out with 100 mg and increased that by 100mg every two days until I was up to 1600. So it took about a month but it has worked perfectly and so far I've tolerated it well. I don't even know I am on it.