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not pf, but nerve pain, side of foot.

Posted by Janine P on 4/13/03 at 00:26 (116025)

I have read quite a bit of this site and can't find the definition of tts. Also, was diagnosed with PF, but I think he's nuts. He said I have the beginnings of heel spurs, although I do not agree. I have NO heel pain, but nerve pain, side of feet, right where the arch meets the heel. I now have inserts, which help quite a bit, but the pain is still there. I have eased the pain by soaking my feet in chaparral, [larrea tridentata], aka creosote bush, but wonder what is this, since my heels don't hurt? Oh, I supinate and roll off the side of my foot on to my toes.

Re: It's worth getting another opinion - you may be right

Sharon W on 4/13/03 at 11:21 (116045)


I am not a doctor; I'm a patient with TTS. Still, I've read a lot of people's stories, and your story touches upon something I have come to believe -- that a lot of people are MISdiagnosed as having PF when they actually have TTS. :( Some people, I think, even have SURGERY for plantar facetis that is unsuccessful because their real problem was TTS... :o

TTS does cause arch pain and/or tingling and/or numbness. It can cause similar problems in the heel, and it can cause problems felt on the ball of the foot and the toes, often the outside of the bottom of your foot. (It doesn't usually cause problems with the big toe, though.) Most people with advanced TTS also have burning or 'shooting' or electrical-like 'zapping' pain on the INSIDE of their ankles, sometimes running way up the inside and back of the calf.

I don't know whether you have TTS or not, or (for that matter) whether you actually have PF or not, but if I were in your situation I would definitely go back to my primary care Dr. and insist he send me to a new foot & ankle specialist for a second opinion.

Good luck to you with all of this; I hope you'll be able to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment very soon.


Re: It's worth getting another opinion - you may be right

Janine P on 4/18/03 at 02:48 (116488)

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the informal diagnosis. We don't have medical insurance. I went to a 'foot doctor' at a place called 'Foot Solutions' here in Phoenix. What a scam they have going on, but, I didn't realize it til too late. lol

With the inserts I got at 'Just for Feet', at least the super high arches I have are feeling better for the most part. I still have some pain on the outsides of my feet when I step wrong, but today it didn't seem as intense. I would guess, that because most people pronate, that is why most people's pain is on the inside of their feet. While I supinate, my pain is on the outside of mine. shooting nerve pain, man oh howdy. Today's was like I stepped on a needle, which is a lot less than it has been, so I'm thankful. :)

Thanks again,