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Just being silly!

Posted by Kathy G on 4/13/03 at 09:45 (116037)

Do any of you remember the stories that used to appear in a children's magazine called Highlights?:-? I don't even know if the magazine still exists:-/ There were stories that had little symbols in place of words:D The more complicated words were represented by symbols and that made reading the stories easier.:-/ Children would be so proud because they actually 'read' those harder words themselves.=D> That's what these emoticons remind me of!:-?

Sorry, I was feeling =:) and I won't do it again. I just had to do one post full of them!:D It's too much work(:(PIPE) and I won't do it again!8-}

P.S. If I didn't have PF, I'd be out \:D/ but instead I'm here at my computer drinking ~o) and :-?. I know, I should get a life #-o and I am
ashamed :'> for having taken up your time!;)

Re: Just being silly!

Bev on 4/13/03 at 10:53 (116040)

Kathy, I know what you mean unfortunatly :> -We would rather 'have a life' than be sitting here with our ~o) . Think of what we would be 'normally' doing now if it was not for the PF *-:) Kind of depresses me :(( :(( . I tried to do a little bike riding yesterday :o ouch.
I only went a mile, but I guess that was too much the first time. I will try again tomorrow for only a few blocks. I wore my NB with my custom orthotics so my soles were hard on the petals ,so there was lots of support. Oh, well, better luck next time :) Have a nice afternoon. Bev

Re: Just being silly!

Suzanne D on 4/13/03 at 11:14 (116043)

Yes, Kathy, I remember; I used to get Highlights magazines in the mail and LOVED those stories!

And the magazine is still around - just like we remember it! I use it sometimes in my classroom. There are still the funny 'Timbertoes' cartoon strips, too.

I enjoyed your message!
Suzanne :)

Re: Just being silly!

Suzanne D on 4/13/03 at 11:18 (116044)

I'm sorry your biking didn't go as well as you had hoped, Bev. Don't get too discouraged. One day at a time, we all have to keep reminding one another. I hope next time will be better!

Take care, and have a good day!
Suzanne :)

Re: biking

Carole C in NOLA on 4/13/03 at 18:22 (116061)

Bev, I'm sorry your biking didn't work out today. Do your PF still hurt now that you've had a chance to rest and so on?

I'm still enforcing a 'no bike rule' for myself. It's kind of hard because today my feet aren't hurting most of the time (due to orthotics, gentle stretching, lots and lots of rest, etc). They give me a warning twinge if I start to put my feet in a position that's awkward for my PF.

I've found out that for my particular feet, the key is doing less than I think I can do, rather than more. So, even though I'm very tempted, I'll wait a little longer before trying to ride my bike with my orthotics.

I don't know what it is about biking, but if the orthotics don't help me to bike (later on) then I may have to just give up on it and do more walking instead. When my feet feel 'all better', I can walk about as well as I could before PF, so that would do.

Right now I'm not doing much walking either, since I'm trying to rest my feet at least somewhat. I did edge the lawn yesterday. I never could have done that when my PF was bad. Right now, my lower back is screaming from holding the weedeater out in front of me for so long, but my feet are still mostly better.

I just took a shower with my shower shoes (which I had retired when I felt like I was done with PF). I suppose there are worse things in life than having to wear shower shoes. :)

Carole C

Re: Just being silly!

Richard, C.Ped on 4/14/03 at 07:54 (116079)

Highlights is still around. My Grandmother gave a subscription to my daughter as a Christmas present last year. Even though my daughter is 21 months old, I intend on keeping them in a safe place so she can enjoy them when she gets older.

I remember reading it while waiting at the dentist's office. I will flip through to see if those stories still exist.

Re: Just being silly!

Kathy G on 4/14/03 at 17:22 (116109)

The chiropractor whom I went to when my daughter was young used to get a complimentary issue every single month. When I would go to him, he'd have whatever issues had accumulated waiting for me. My daughter so enjoyed the magazine, as did my son and as did I as a child. Wow, I'm 53 so that magazine is really old! Or you could say, 'Oh no, Kathy, you're very young!'

Re: biking

Bev on 4/14/03 at 20:49 (116140)

Hi Carole, I have not tried to bike ride again as yet, too much pain still today. I was at the doctors today for a knee injury(fell on the ice last Sunday after the ice storm we had and finally got it checked out and x-rayed today-don't know results, think only brused bone, and doctor said that takes 6 weeks to heal) anyway, we got to talking about PF (this is a different doctor than doctor I saw for my PF), and he said that all PF clears up by itself in one to one and a half years with no treatment at all. He said the more treatments you do the more harm is done. He said he has seen hundreds of PF cases in his 40 years of working and they all have cleared up on their own without any treatments. He thinks that I must have something other than PF if mine is as bad as it is and I have as much pain as I have and I am not able to work due to the pain as he has never seen a case where a person had this much pain and could not work. So now I am checking into seeing another podiatrist in another town who can evaluate my problems and see what is going on.
We sure had a beautiful day here today, 77 degrees, however, it is suppose to get cold again for the weekend-ug. I was sooo jealous tonight when I saw so many people out walking and bike riding ( I NEVER thought I wouldn't be able to do those things too). Well, better get to nighty,night. Have a nice day tomorrow. Bev

Re: biking

Carole C in NOLA on 4/14/03 at 21:36 (116145)

Bev, please don't take this latest doctor too seriously. He may be a good doctor but I suspect he doesn't know much about PF. What he is saying just isn't correct. There are people who can't work due to PF. There are people whose PF doesn't clear up in one to one and a half years. And conservative treatments make all the difference in the world.

Good for you to be seeing another podiatrist instead.

Sorry to hear about your knee! That has to be so painful.

It was a beautiful day here too, and I wished I could have spent the day outside instead of in my cubicle at work. Still, my feet are feeling better and I'm happy about that.

Carole C

Re: biking

Bev on 4/16/03 at 12:40 (116301)

Hi Carole, Thanks for the info on the Birks. As soon as I can afford them I will order another pair. I don't know how long Birks are good for, do they wear down after a while? Mine are all about 3 years old, so they should be okay .I would like to try another sytle to see if it will help any better. We need to get hot tub cover paid for first, grandson decided to take a walk on the top. Hubby took gate away from around the hot tub (it is in-the- floor- style - one in the sun room) so he could check the alkalinity , and the dearest little one decided to walk on the top of it and the top crushed in one side-ug. oh, well, that's life, right? Anyway, Thanks for the info, I will copy it down so I don't loose it.
What silly weather, hey? Yesterday I had all the windows open, and patio doors open and fans on and in the hot tub and today I have my sweat suit on, silly weather. I have so much stuff to do, I should be doing it instead of sitting here gabbing. So I had better get busy. Have a nice day. Bev

Re: biking

Carole C in NOLA on 4/16/03 at 14:08 (116316)

I don't have any idea of how long Birkenstocks last. I'm sure they do wear down eventually. Mine are all between a year and a year and a half old. I would think that (like other shoes) it would be a good idea to replace them after having them for three years like you have.

They sure are expensive. PF in general is expensive, I think! I bought 13 pairs of shoes in the year after I got PF (and only one pair every few years before that). For purposes of justification to myself, I consider Birkenstocks to be a medical expense. That makes the price easier to swallow.

How is the hottub for your PF? It sounds dreamy. :) And yes, kids will be kids.

The weather is still great here, bright and sunny. I found out yesterday that the lovely thick vine on the fence at my house is HONEYSUCKLE!! It bloomed yesterday and I LOVE that smell. I only bought my house last August, and I did not know.

Carole C

Re: honeysuckle

Suzanne D on 4/16/03 at 21:39 (116370)

Oh, HONEYSUCKLE, Carole! Honeysuckle grew on the garage next to our home when I was growing up. With the windows open, I could smell it at night when I went to bed. That's a nice memory.

I'm glad you have it on your fence!
Suzanne :)

Re: To: Carole Re: Honeysuckle

Necee on 4/16/03 at 23:07 (116376)

Is it the coral honeysuckle Carole?
I remember as a child I'd gently pull the center stem out of the honeysuckle bloom and taste it, it's so sweet.
We have the coral blooming at our house, the hummingbirds love it, so keep watching for them, I'll bet they will find your vines and become a frequent visitor to your backyard.

Happy trails...@};-


Re: biking

Bev on 4/17/03 at 06:14 (116387)

Hi Carole, We bought our house almost 4 years ago and it was nice to see all of the tulips come up the first year, tons of them, but those were the only flowers, we have lots of lovely trees, birch and all, and that is great. We have lots of shrubs in front/sides and all along the chain link fences so that gives us a lot of privacy but I would like to plant some climbing flowers or vines along the privacy fence along the back yard , something that will smell pretty too like yours does. I usually just do planter gardening, tons of flowers in planters all over, the lazy way,and then I do plant some along the walkway in the front yard. This year will be a challange to do things with my dumb feet, hubby will have to help me more, or my daughter will help me on her day off. I plan to get a planters wagon like my daughter-in-law has,it's really neat.
I don't know if the hot tub helps my feet, nothing really helps them. Helps while I am in it though. It came with the house(I think this addition was built- on about 15 years ago) ,nice big sun room,with hot-tub and franklin fireplace and it's like a family room too. The hot tub is old, so it dosen't have all the really fancy new massage jets and all but it is nice and everyone enjoys it. I had another sleepless night so I am up drinking coffee and gabbing, and bothering you on the board. Better let you get to work. Have a nice sunny day. Bev

Re: honeysuckle

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 12:48 (116417)

It sure makes coming home a joy, Suzanne!


Re: To: Carole Re: Honeysuckle

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 12:55 (116420)

We used to do that as kids too, with what I thought was just regular ol' honeysuckle. :) This is like the one I remember as a child. The blossoms are sort of white or slightly yellowish white, not coral colored.

I love hummingbirds. We had several varieties of them in southern California when I lived there. So far, they have attracted birds for some reason, who seem to be frolicking and mating and such in the honeysuckle, but I haven't seen any hummingbirds. Hummingbirds can get to that sweet sugary juice with their long beaks, so I hope they show up. Maybe the bigger birds are scaring them off.

Carole C

Re: biking

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 12:58 (116421)

Sorry to hear about your sleepless night! I am envious of your hot tub, though. Maybe some day I will get one also. It sounds so luxurious and relaxing. :)

The honeysuckle grows like a weed. Last fall I cut it back severely and removed about half or more of it. It bounced back like dandelions and almost as fast. LOL

Carole C

Re: biking

john h on 4/17/03 at 20:22 (116457)

Carole: As a child we would suck the hunysuckle for the sweet honey like taste. We also smoked corn silk.

Re: biking

Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 21:16 (116463)

Shame on you for smoking that corn silk, John! LOL

I'll bet your mother wouldn't have liked it a bit. :) And see? she was right. You smoked all that corn silk, and look what happened to you. You grew up and had feet that hurt all the time. Probably you'd be fine if it weren't for all that corn silk you smoked. (grin)

Carole C

Re: John and Carole

Kathy G on 4/18/03 at 14:42 (116544)

Hey, I had crossed eyes when I was little. My Irish grandfather said it was from all the X*&!!XX raw green things I ate. He was talking about raw green peppers which I just loved. Still do!

Re: John and Carole

john h on 4/19/03 at 09:55 (116569)

Kathy how did you get your eyes un crossed? When I was stationed in Iceland when I was very young there was an attractive young lady that worked in the civilian airport terminal which the military shared with the Icelanders. Each time I would go to the counter where she worked she always winked at me. I was really excited. I told my buddies who had been there longer than me about it and they told me what an idiot I was. She had some sort of eye problem that made her wink every so often.