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LOOK...she was talking about EZ Runner Orthotics not SDOs!

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 4/14/03 at 12:53 (116093)

Must I come in here and LECTURE...heheh.

I am using Dr. Kiper's fine SDOs and I have to say I can not tolerate much else (tender feet). I was just dx'd as some of you know with Morton's Neuroma on top of my PF (oh joy) so I can say confidently that these SDO's are comfortable for Morten's Neumora. I even demanded MORE SNAKE OIL in my SDO's (they were too flat for me at this present time since I am getting better) so I got nice full of snake oil replacements and some felt-inserts to put under them, with sticky-ness on the bottom (to secure them, keep them from moving around). They have filled up my Finn Comfort Sandals.

I wore these around San Francisco yesterday at Ghiradelli Squre. I still got a foot spasm cramp in my inner ankle area on my right foot, right under big toe but it is ironic since my left foot was WAY more sore with all the standing and walking then the right yesterday. Oh well.

Anyway, I am Dr. Kiper's poster child and he knows it. ;)
Someday I plan on being totally WELL but my feet are slow to cooperative in this area.

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Re: LOOK...she was talking about EZ Runner Orthotics not SDOs!

Bev on 4/14/03 at 18:32 (116116)

You are walking around San Francisco and you have PF ?? I am jealous! :( I can't even walk around the block, boo hoo. :(( Just kiddin' - I'm happy for ya :))

Re: LOOK...she was talking about EZ Runner Orthotics not SDOs!

JenL on 4/15/03 at 12:45 (116183)

Hi Mahatmelissama,
How did you get the replacement, free? I thought if one wants to change the fullness of SDO after one Rx, even before your six months trial period is over, it will be counted by the dr. as the 2nd Rx?
Thanks for your input.

Re: No free lunch for me

Mahatmelissama on 4/15/03 at 13:14 (116187)

I gave him my blue cross card...he is going to try to charge my insurance and I will pick up the reminder. ;)

NO FREE LUNCH FOR ME! But I don't care, as you know...if it helps, you throw the money down.

Re: It took over a year...

Mahatmelissama on 4/15/03 at 13:17 (116189)

Hey Bev,

It took over a year for me to build up enough healing to walk around. You got to remember...I stand walk...then SIT when feet give out. I am able to go longer and longer (couldn't believe how freaking far it was to walk from one end of the Powell Bart station to the other to get outside!).

Between PT with my chiro, massage once a month for 90 minutes with my massuese, my SDOs and now the new pod I have with fun and game (what I call his cortisone mixture shots), I am getting better and better.

I also am losing weight, lifting weights and walking somewhat. Things are getting better.

Number one help to me: Prayers from my friends and family. God is so good.

Re: It took over a year...

Bev on 4/15/03 at 15:12 (116210)

Mahatmelissma, Sounds great, that you are finding an end to all of your problems. I will be going to another pod as soon as the appointment comes through and hopefully this one will know what he is talking about as all of the other ones combined didn't know diddley-squawt. So we will soon see :) Have a great Easter :) Bev