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Do this sound like plantar fasciitis?

Posted by Erin D on 4/14/03 at 16:09 (116106)

Hi, my mom and my sister who is a physician-Dr. Lynette Davis-Berestka (both suffer from this, especially during pregnancy), think I have plantar fasciitis. I have alot of pain towards the front (bottom) of my foot before the ball. Sometimes when I stretch up high to put something away, I get a jagged pain along the edge of the ball of my foot (not on edge near the toes, more like towards my heel). But, I do not seem to get pain near my heel. Does this rule out the plantar fasciitis? One podiatrist told me about 5 yrs ago (I almost couldn't walk because of the pain, couldn't bear to put weight on it) that I had stress fractures in my feet (he took an x-ray). But that barely lasted 2 wks and I was better after wearing a stiff orthopedic type shoe. Any thoughts? I am a new triathlete and am hoping I don't have to quit. Should I stretch before? after? both? (working out that is) Thank you so much for your time. I realize this is a gander in diagnosing, just wanted to understand the symptoms-not sure if I have it or something else! erin

Re: Do this sound like plantar fasciitis?

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/14/03 at 19:25 (116133)

You are describing something that could be PF but is atypical so an exam by a professional may be helpful. PF is often worse during pregnancy due to two factors, additional weight and the hormone relaxin which allows the weight bearing joints to spread more.