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heel we go again

Posted by Erin H. on 4/14/03 at 21:12 (116142)

I am 29, the mother of 4 children, and with each pregnancy my heels have gotten worse. After my third child, I sought treatment, and after 9 to 12 months of stretching, night splints, walking cast, steroid shots, orthotics, I had my first plantar fasciotomy. (no results.) Six months later, new doctor, new surgery, now for plantar fascitis and heel spur and tarsal tunnel. This was two years ago and my foot is doing much better. Now it has started with my other foot. Saw my doctor in November, he took x-rays and said basically that I will have to go through the same thing to probably end up with the same surgery. That was five months ago and if anything it's worse than before. My question to you is: Should I have the surgery on my foot, or is it possible that even though the conventional methods didn't work before, they might work this time. My children are all under eight years of age and this is seriously affecting my quality time with them. Please help me.

Re: heel we go again

JenL on 4/15/03 at 12:18 (116178)

Hi Erin,
I am not a doctor, but a regular reader as a heel pain sufferer on the board. Have you looked into the NON-invasive treatment by ESWT? It has less risks and potential complications then a surgery, and the recovery time is much easier. If go to the ESWT board from the main message board you will find a lot of info. from doctors and those who received the procedure.