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Birkenstocks for PF/HS--what kind & why?

Posted by Lolly O on 4/15/03 at 14:20 (116200)

I have (4) pairs of Birkenstocks.
All (4) pair have the classic footbed. But (2) of the (4) hurt!!!

The best is the BOSTON WOOL BORDEAUZ clog
The 2nd best is the ARIZONA.
The 3rd & 4th are more expensive Birkenstock (but still have the classic footbed)BUT THEY KILL MY FEET.

I know that the 'Arizona' Birkenstock is the most reccomended for foot problems, but for my feet the BOSTON WOOL BORDEAUX is the best.

I want to buy some more birks. AT first I thought I was safe as long as it was a classic footbed. But I know that is no longer true.

I have PF/HS & TTS

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Re: Birkenstocks for TTS what kind and why?

lauriel on 4/15/03 at 15:50 (116215)

Lolly, After everyones suggestions from the board that birkenstocks are great, I went and tried a pair on. As soon as I stood up, It was the most horrible pain, I felt like I was standing on a rock so forget Birks. A friend of mine had shoes brand name Merril, they were Primo Breeze style which is almost a clog with a back heel. I trid them on and they were so comfy. So I just got myself a pair. After wearing them to work yesterday, though I was in so much pain, basicly achy pain I think it is shoes that let my heel lift out of the shoe strains my arch and instep, so I am back to tennnis shoes. I dont think I am going to be able to wear anything else! I have the best luck with good old running shoes.

Re: Birkenstocks for TTS what kind and why?

Bev on 4/15/03 at 18:31 (116224)

lauriel, Yes you are right about the Birks hurting at first, it takes time to break them in. I have 3 pair and I wear them around the house between my NB with orthotics in and my cam boots. With the Birks you have to wear them just 1/2 an hour , then one hour then 2hrs. and so on to break them in, a little every day till you have them broken in over a period of several weeks, and they start to conform to your foot.When I can afford to, I want to order another pair that will have more support for my PF feet that I can wear with my orthotics . I just ordered more stuff that I hope will help me from FootSmart.com for my PF problems, so that has to be paid for first, it's always something, right?:D I'M sure you would really like the Birks if you gave them a chance, however there are many other kinds out there too for you to try. Have a nice evening lauriel and happy feet to you B-) Bev

Re: Birkenstocks for TTS what kind and why?

kristio on 4/15/03 at 23:15 (116253)

i never wore birks until after my surgery, but they've been good for me since the surgery. the first day post surgery i was able to wear real shoes, i wore my favorite sneakers to work and was very sorry. they rubbed the incision all day and irritated it tremendously. since then, i got a pair of backless birks, and i wear them everyday -- they are really comfortable SINCE i've broken them in anyway. i only wear tennis shoes when i go to work out at the gym now, and then i put my birks back on the way out :) about what kind, i dunno what kind these are, since i got them from my mom (she didn't like them) the only thing i know about them is that they don't have backs.
good luck! :)

Re: Birkenstocks for TTS what kind and why?

Sharon W on 4/16/03 at 09:18 (116278)


I know of someone else who uses Merrill shoes -- and he's an orthopedic surgeon. Sounds like a good recommendation to me!


Re: Birkenstocks for TTS what kind and why?

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/24/03 at 18:57 (117024)

The Birks can be good for a number of foot problems although individuals with TTS need to watch out for any shoe or support that places too much pressure on the arch since the porta pedis (area where the nerve enters the foot) can be irritated.