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For Tammie

Posted by BrianG on 4/16/03 at 19:50 (116354)

Hi Tammie,

Somehow your message got to the 2nd page before I saw it. I was just going back tonight, doing a little reading, and saw it. Yes, I am also on a coctail of multiple meds, but my doctor started me at the lowest dose available, for all of them, including my pain meds. I didn't get any increases in less than a month, sometimes much longer.

So, in m case, I never really felt impared. I have always been able to drive, as have most of the people I know, who are also on pain meds. I think what may have happened in your case, is that you waited way too long before seeing the pain specialist. Your Pod, and family doc both undertreated your pain. That, and your strong determination to keep on working for as long as possible, made if very difficult for the pain specialist to get your pain under control. I believe that you were hurting so bad, when you finally decided to see the pain doc, that he had to start you at a much high dose of everything, in order to get your pain under control.

I talked to my doc about drving while I was on pain meds. He told me it was not illegal to drive while medicated, as long as I was physically and mentally OK. If I had an accident due to being impared, then it may have been a police matter. Like I said, I never once felt that I could not drive, so for me it was not an issue.

Has it been an issue for anyone else???


PS: I have cut & pasted your original message:

Re: Brian/ This is a issue I would like to talk about
Posted by Tammie on 4/09/03 at 13:12 View Thread
I am on a cocktail of meds, and you say you are also , I wonder how many others are here to? I also wonder how others decide if they are capable of driving while taking thease meds?
What do the Dr.s say? I know the body gets adjusted to them but you still get some effects also I think. I am really afraid as I would hate to hurt someone because one of my meds made me function poorly. That is why I gave my keys up!
My cocktail is a large one, I take several meds in it such as

(medications deleted) bg

see Right now I have a lot going thru my body! This is the reason we are searching for alternative ways to add to relieve my pain as sometimes all of this is not enough to make me want to stand up on that horrible foot! Also other body parts are hurting with the compinsating pain due to my body using it in unusual ways to help the hurt foot.
I think the worse test I have had out of them all was the mri of my brain! altho the laying still was hard for me it was nothing compared to the wait to find out if they found any signs of MS as it is in my family.I wa so relieved after that test! Ok would love to hear other peoples thoughts about the issued of driving

Re: For Tammie

Necee on 4/16/03 at 22:45 (116373)

I know that Tammie was going to the hospital for yet another nerve block this past Monday, has anyone heard from her? If so, please let us know how she is doing.


Re: For Tammie

Tammie on 4/18/03 at 10:56 (116525)

Thanks, Yes I actually went for a epidural which I did not know I thought it was to be a block. It was he said only something different and NO it did not work. So this is my option left now They want me to try to be a canadate for the spinal cord simulator, it is a surgery were they implant the wires in the areas of pain and they plant the battery pack in your hip or belly area it gives electrical signals off to stop or intercept the pain signals. I see the Dr.s Wed with my Hubby to discuss the pros and cons of this type of surgery or help for pain relief. The dr.s say it uses no medications at all but it does not mean I wont need some it might mean less, or maybe none for a while it might buy me time so that I can come off and let my body rest till it might need it again.

He also told me I may need down the line hopefully years from now but still need discussed a pain pump where they put raw meds in body but are better as they go directly to pain not to my brain. I sure wish I had not played around with my life now so any out there that are look and listen to me Please pay for a doc if insurance doesnt cover I am facing this 10,000 thing hoping our insuance covers it. I am so sick of hurting I would never believed anyone about the pain involved with feet never. Take care all Talk soon and when I can.I wonder if My pod would pay for half of this lol yea sure I seen him driving his big fancy car smoking his cigars I couldnt belive how much anger I felt seeing him.

Re: For Tammie

BrianG on 4/18/03 at 12:24 (116534)

Hi Tammie,

The spinal cord stimulator might be a good deal. Jerry Lewis has one, and he says it has saved his life!! I think its a good direction to go, at this point. Just don't forget about the pain pump, should the 1st implant not give you enough pain relief. I believe both can be worn outside the body, on a trial basis.

Personally, I have thought a lot about the Medtronics pain med pump. As I'm only 54, and on a relitivly moderate amount of pain meds, I can see possible accomodations down the line. There may come a time in the next decade, or so, where the side effects might outweigh the opiate benefits. The implantable pump uses a much stronger verson of the opiates, it gets injected directly into the spinal fluid (I believe). Right now I don't seem to have nerve type pain, so I don't think the stimulator will be of much help to me.

For more info on the Medtronics pumps, go to:

Good luck

Re: Brian

Tammie on 4/18/03 at 13:55 (116540)

Thank you for the site! You know I do not find things to easy on here. Actualy I dont come online to often as It tires me and I have a lot of pain sitting.But then the pain is any where any way I lay sit or stand so I take my chances some days. Ha ha.I am pretty scared about this new procedure, he says I have to qualify for it first. This is all about what we shall talk about next wed morning. I am a wreck all ready. Home life is bad with my daughter, My middle son is moving out with his girl stress both of his parents to all get out, and today my eldest son is bringing home a very special girl for mom to meet from college. He is a senior in colloge so I figure this would sooner or later happen. So Im stressen That things are not done and the house is not up to par and I dont feel like cooking and well It is my nomal pain day easter or not it still is a pain day,no off for good behaviour. I am going to aske hubby to maybe take them out and I may get a nap as I do not eat anyways, one thing for sure I sure dont need to diet.I thought if he takes them out I can get room ready and sneak a nap.

If she is sweet as son says and she is going into nursing she will understand totally. So I shall see . Well you know that nice big lab? the son moving out well guess what he cant take the lab so now what well BOO well hope he likes spoiled by me as I hate to see him cold and I make him come in basement if it is really cold or rainy. Hubby is thrilled he has a big dog.Gee Take care

Re: Brian

BrianG on 4/19/03 at 20:19 (116600)

Don't forget, they have animal shelters for pets named BOO!!!! I hate it when people take on a pet, without thinking about what life will be like down the road, say in 6 months or more!!! When I worked for the Humane Society, 90% of the dogs and cats that came in the front door, went out the back door. Not very good odds, if you ask me. Bob Barker is right, most people should spay or neuter their pets !!!!!

Good luck with the stimulator. I hope your a candidate. Don't worry, the device was designed to help you, not hurt you!!!


Re: pets and responsibility

Carole C in NOLA on 4/20/03 at 09:22 (116611)

If I didn't have to think about what life would be like down the road, I'd buy a cocker spaniel puppy today and to snuggle and play with! But I know that in the long run, I just don't want to commit to the time that every dog deserves.

Too bad there aren't 'rent a puppy' services where you could just go snuggle and play with a puppy for an hour. LOL They could charge up to $5/hour, and in just a week or two they'd make plenty of money to go towards its shots and neutering.

Carole C

Re: pets and responsibility

BrianG on 4/20/03 at 09:33 (116613)

Actually there are services like your thinking about. There are many service dog orinzations that look for families to raise pups up to a certain age. At that point, they take the pup back for it's real training. They could be hearing assist dogs, for the blind, etc. Take a look in the yellow pages, or even call a couple vets in your area, they would probably know. and, there is always http://www.google.com :*)

Go for it!

Re: pets and responsibility

Carole C in NOLA on 4/20/03 at 10:14 (116617)

Neat! I didn't know that services like this were available. There's nothing listed in my yellow pages that I could find.

But then, the New Orleans area always seems a little bit behind. We only just got our first Target a few months ago, and our very first Super Wal-Mart last year. So, I'll keep an eye out for something like this! :)

Carole C

Re: pets and responsibility

Carole C in NOLA on 4/20/03 at 10:27 (116618)

P.S. - - Taking a seeing eye dog when it is a puppy, until it is ready to be trained, isn't exactly what I had in mind. I was just thinking 'by the hour', not for weeks. No walking the dog, buying toys, or lugging home dog food. Just the fun part. This would be great for elementary school children who live in apartments, too.

The business owner could call it something like 'Pet-a-Puppy' or 'Snuggletown', and the snuggling and playing could go on at the business establishment, so that they could keep an eye on the puppy rather than having to screen people.

Carole C

Re: pets and responsibility

BrianG on 4/20/03 at 20:00 (116635)

That sounds like what happens in the after life. All of the good stuff, none of the bad, hahahaaaaa.

Not that I have any first hand knowledge, mind you, :*)


Re: pets and responsibility

Carole C in NOLA on 4/20/03 at 23:19 (116645)

That's what I want! A taste of heaven with puppies! All of the good stuff and none of the bad. LOL :D

Carole C