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plantar fascia release

Posted by Sharon F. on 4/18/03 at 05:34 (116490)

Dear Docs:

I'm 10 weeks post plantar fascia release of the L foot. My heel pain is less than pre-op, I'm tolerating more activity than pre-op, and I'm very satisfied with that. However, hallux rigidus (same foot)which was present before surgery, still needs to be corrected with chielectomy, and I've elected to wait until end of summer to correct that. Two problems have developed in the last 4 weeks of recovery: 1) The achilles tendon is tight 2) the flexor tendons are tight when I pull them back.
I brought these 2 things to the attention of my surgeon at the 8 wk. posts-op visit, and he was not concerned. I asked him if these 2 things are resultant from the hallux rigidus, maybe compensatory, he said 'maybe'. Are you able to comment on these 2 particular issues? Thanks, Sharon F.