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heel pain 7 mos. after cortisone injection

Posted by Marie S on 4/18/03 at 16:27 (116546)

I injured my heel running from home base to first playing softball. The pain was not debilitating but significant. After visiting an orthopedic Dr. and having x-rays and a bone scan, he determined it to be 'plantar fasciitis.' The treatment he provided was a cortisone shot to the area in September. The pain has slowly returned in the last two weeks. What does this mean?

Re: heel pain 7 mos. after cortisone injection

SteveG on 4/18/03 at 18:59 (116553)

Marie - I am not a doc, but you need to read the heel pain book and make sure you are using the treatments it outlines. What else are you doing in addition to the shots -- orthodics, stretching, nightsplint, etc. If the only thing you have had is the shot, you need to treat this in a more aggressive manner.

Re: heel pain 7 mos. after cortisone injection

Marie S on 4/20/03 at 16:52 (116627)

Thank you for your response. Prior to the cortisone injection, I was using ice and rest. I guess I should have asked a slightly different question; I thought the cortisone shot had cured the ailment. So, my assumption from your message is that the cortisone shot simply took the pain away for several months but the injury still exists and is not causing pain again... is that correct?