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Posted by Mary Y on 4/20/03 at 05:04 (116606)


If I am uncertain about my diagnosis, is it a good idea to stop stretching. So far, I have been diagnosed with plantar fascitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome and now achilles tendonitis. Is it a good idea to do Julies yoga stretches? Should I stop stretching until I see a doctor?

Thanks very much!

Re: Dr's?

Dr. David S. Wander on 4/20/03 at 09:59 (116614)

You stated that you've been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome and Achilles tendonitis. Were those diagnoses made by a doctor or several doctors? Stretching/yoga is usually very beneficial if done correctly and at the appropriate time. But, you should discuss your concerns with the doctor that made the diagnosis to make sure that you're not aggravating the problem(s).

Re: Dr's?

Mary Y on 4/22/03 at 04:09 (116773)


A podiatrist diagnosed me with pf and when I didn't respond to physical therapy, I had a nerve conduction test done. A physiatrist did the nerve conduction test and stated that I had tarsal tunnel syndrome. I just recently went to an orthopedist and he believes that I have achilles tendonitis. The orthopedist saw that I was very stiff.

At this point, I am wearing birkenstock sandals with custom made orthotics in them.