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Saga continues..does this sound right?

Posted by Debbie W on 4/20/03 at 12:35 (116620)

I'm open to any comment...patients and docs...here's my post from the Ask the Doctors message board. Please comment...

I won't re-tell my story. Suffice to say I have been slow to recover from PF release late December. MRI had now revealed Posterior Tibial Tendon lenghtening(?) and displacement of the navicular(?). Does this sound right to any of you? I am in a cast (fiberglass) now for 4-6 weeks to totally immobilize my foot and ankle. No weight-bearing. My docs have conferred (my foot doc and knee orthopod...both in smae group) and there is some question about alignment of leg bones because I have had this challenge as well as suffer from severe patellofemoral syndrome in my right knee/same leg (have dealt with this for years). How does this all sound? Logical? Need someone to help explain this a little better...I am getting confused. Thanks!