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High Tops?

Posted by Dean H on 4/20/03 at 17:24 (116628)

Is there a shoe like the Asics Gel with a high top? My current Asics Gels (sorry, don't remember which) have served me fairly well, but are overdue for replacement.

I sprained an ankle about 8 weeks ago. It's healed enough that I can walk normally, but tender enough that I want to protect it from re-injury.

La Foot in Berkeley has been very helpful (they watched me walk before suggesting shoes, and they display motion control ratings) but they only sell low-top running and walking shoes. Asics Koji and 'Brooks Beast' seemed OK after quick try-ons.
REI has a good variety of walking and hiking shoes/boots, but their staff doesn't impress me with their knowledge. Also, I've hardly ever worn hiking shoes, so I don't know how they should feel in the store.

Personal background: I'm 46, average height & weight. Started having trouble with PF in August of 2001. Relatively mild case - I can walk several miles on trails with only mild to moderate dicomfort (don't do this often, of course!), but after 5-10 minutes shopping on a linoleum flood my feet complain. Conservative treatments have helped a little, but not cured. I got custom orthotics in November, which I can return for a refund by May 12. I'm inclined to get my money back (my pod is ready to recommend Sonocur ESWT to my insurance co.) but I want to be diligent with rest/ice/exercise/etc. first, and good shoes are part of that.

Thanks for any suggestions.

-- Dean

Re: High Tops?

BGCPed on 4/20/03 at 17:49 (116629)

High tops will not really provide extra support. They may feel like it but unless it is stiff upper like a hiking boot you wont get much added stability. What type of foot structure do you have? a brooks beast and an orthotic gives loats of support, perhaps you are over corrected, what did you do and what were you wearing when ankle went on you?

I believe it was ucla did a study a few years back and gave intermural b-ball players shoes. About 1200 half wore low tops and half wore high and the end results was no real difference in number of ankle sprains.

Re: High Tops?

Dean H on 4/21/03 at 20:40 (116753)

Maybe that's how I should have asked the question: can anyone recommend a hiking boot or similar shoe that protects a healing ankle and is also good for PF?

I doubt I'm over-corrected. I removed the inserts that came with my Asics Gels, and replaced them with my custom orthotics. (I turned my right ankle outward when I missed the edge of my driveway after walking down the back steps. (how mundane!) )

My foot structure is more or less average. Someone said my arches were a little high, but only after I asked, and no other doctor or shoe-seller has mentioned anything atypical.

Thanks again,

Re: High Tops?

Richard, C.Ped on 4/22/03 at 09:05 (116800)

There are some high top or even mid top boots that can get pretty expensive. I have reinforced the heel counter with a rigid material on shoes in order to make them solid. You may want to consider using a simple ankle wrap until the soreness goes away. Of course though...I do not know the extent of damage done...so make sure you let your doc know what you want to do before you do it.