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Posted by monte on 4/20/03 at 22:20 (116643)

All that know me, know that I am not a product pusher. I just want to share with you an insole that I have been using with decent results.

I use Sole Comfort footbeds from itsyoursole.com They are a bit like Power Steps except they have a cushion top. Also, you can heat them in the oven and stand on them to lower the arch support if it is too high.

I have painful arches and these have not hurt me at all. They may not be the most supportive insoles, like custom jobs, but I had a hard time tolerating 4 pair of customs. These do not hurt my arches. That is important. Plus they do give me support. This combination, at the very least, keeps me from hurting myself more by not having any support.

They also have a deep heel cup that is comfortable too. I wear them all the time now and I like them. I am buying more so I don't have to switch from shoes to sneakers.

I do not claim that they heal or cure anything, but they are more tolerable since they have the soft tops.

PLUS...they offer a 90 day money back guarantee even if you heat and mold them. That is a safe bet.

Ask me anything you wish to know. I do not work for them or sell there product. I am just sharing with my friends in pain.


Re: Insoles

john h on 4/21/03 at 08:43 (116655)

Monte: I looked over those orthotics and like the idea and the price. At $39.95 with a money back guarantee I jumped on a pair. Novel way to customize them by heating them in the oven and then placing them in your shoes and standing on them. Can you reheat them and do the same thing? It did not mention that. I purchased the ultra cushioning.

Re: Insoles

monte on 4/21/03 at 08:48 (116656)

hey john....glad you are trying them. I was nervous about posting them...but I felt I had to. Yes, you can reheat them up to 4 or 5 times. After that, they lose the support function. You may not even have to adjust them. First try them as they are. I adjusted mine becasue my left foot pronates a little more than my right.

Let me know how they feel. I hope you are happy with them. I have them on right now. Plus, you can't loose with a 90 day guarantee. That is long enough to know if something works or not.

Good Luck!


Re: Insoles

BrianJ on 4/21/03 at 09:19 (116664)

Monte --

Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try a pair too. My last pair of soft custom orthotics cost me about $250, so I'm looking for a less expensive alternative.

By the way, did your ESWT sessions with the Epos machine help you at all?

Re: Insoles

Kathy G on 4/21/03 at 09:32 (116667)


These look interesting and I'm going to give them a shot. With a ninety day guarantee, how can you miss?

Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope yours continue to help you and that some of us will find an affordable orthotic that gives us some relief!

Keep us posted.


Re: Insoles

monte on 4/21/03 at 09:40 (116669)

Brian...I hope you find comfort in the insole. They are not a cure all, but they feel better than nothing and better than all the other OTC ones that I tried.

The ESWT treatments seem to have calmed down my heel pain, but not the arch pains. DR Z said that my inflammation went from .6mm down to .4mm in one foot and .35mm in the other foot and that brings me in the limits of normal and we cannot do another round of ESWT to try to knock out the rest of the pain. So, maybe I need more time.

I am looking into trying the RFL with Dr Cozz....trying to get the insurance companies on board with it.


Re: Insoles

monte on 4/21/03 at 09:42 (116670)


Good luck. I hope they help you and everyone else here. I know that is a long shot, but I really do hope that. Pleae let me know how they feel.