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Posted by Amie B. on 4/21/03 at 08:40 (116654)

I had ankle surgery on a broken tibia and a broken fibula 5 weeks ago and am still experiencing swelling around the ankle and the entire foot. The surgeon put in three pins. Is this swelling normal? I have been in an air cast for the past week and ice the ankle every night.

Re: Swelling

Dr. David S. Wander on 4/21/03 at 14:20 (116702)

Yes, this swelling can be normal. Unfortunately the trauma of the original injury, added to the trauma of the surgery can result in prolonged swelling. It is not unusual for the swelling to be present for several months, with a gradual decrease over time. Listen to your surgeon's recommendations and discuss any concerns about swelling with your surgeon. However, prolonged swelling following your injury is not unusual.