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Neuro Sensory Management Test

Posted by Bill on 4/21/03 at 16:19 (116717)

Has anyone taken the Neuro Sensory Management Test(NSMT)?
This test is designed by Dr. Dellon and supposedly much more accurate and sensitive than a EMG.

I had TTS surgery last Aug 2002 based on a positive EMG. My surgeon said that he released a very tight abductor hallucis fascia across the tarsal ligament.

Still in pain, I recently had a EMG which was normal.

I also just recieved my results from a NSMT. This test not only shows an entrappment of the post tib nerve, but in many other places in my foot ( and other foot, which I do not have any symptoms).

Which test should I believe?

Re: Neuro Sensory Management Test

Sharon W on 4/21/03 at 19:27 (116745)


I would believe the NSMT. One of the problems with the standard NCV and EMG tests are that they just aren't SENSITIVE enough to pick up on many problems -- especially problems with the smaller myelinated nerve fibers. If the NSMT functions as it is supposed to, it SHOULD show up entrapment problems with smaller nerves, and it might well pick up on problems that the other test didn't, even with larger nerve fibers.

What did you think of Dr. Dellon? Is he thorough? Did you feel you could have confidence in him? (I've been thinking about trying to get in to see him, one of these days...) :-?


Re: Neuro Sensory Management Test

AKC on 4/22/03 at 07:50 (116780)

Yes, I had it. Based on that test plus the fact that I could
barely walk from my car to my office, I did TTS surguery.
Failed. No better now.

I talked to a neuro. He said the test was not valid.
My opinion is that it was EXTREMELY subjective and HIGHLY dependent
on the 'technician/nurse' who gave it to me. My own personal
experiences w/this test is that it is not accurate. It said I
had TTS. But I don't.

Re: Neuro Sensory Management Test

Pam S. on 4/22/03 at 13:44 (116822)

Do you know what it is that you do have?

Re: Neuro Sensory Management Test

AKC on 4/23/03 at 09:55 (116912)

Different doctors have said PF/TTS.
I think it is either just very bad PF, and/or scar tissue.
FYI I have very high arches.