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Shame and flatfeet

Posted by Andy on 4/22/03 at 08:16 (116783)

Have you any idea, why flat-feet are some kind of shame, almost for us men?

Re: Shame and flatfeet

Sharon W on 4/22/03 at 08:20 (116784)

Because it disqualifies a man for mililtary service -- or at least, it used to. Back in WW2, an able-bodied young man who wasn't in the military was looked at askance -- 'what's wrong with him, is he a flatfoot or is he just crazy?'


Re: Shame and flatfeet

Andy on 4/22/03 at 08:42 (116792)

That might be true: a flat-foot is not a real man.

However, every now and then I have been wondering just 'aura' around flat-feet. It is just normal to say in the coffee room that I am going to visit my dentist or optician, but for Good shake, I' should NEWER say a word about custom made orthotics!

Nobody has never teach me that flat-feet are something you have to shame, still we all - almost men - know it.

Re: Shame and flatfeet

Richard, C.Ped on 4/22/03 at 08:53 (116796)

I don't see why you should feel shame in having flat feet. No one is perfect...we all have little things about us that we want to change.

The shame in custom orthotics is something I face daily. You get a young athlete needing them, the last thing you call them is 'arch supports'. That term makes them think about 'old lady shoes'. There is no shame in wearing orthotics. Think about it. What are they doing? They are giving you proper alignment so you can get a better purchase with the ground. This should provide proper balance and stability.

To be honest...I absoultly love wearing my orthotics. I do not like to wear shoes without them. No one has ever made fun of me, especially when I describe the benefits that comes with them (if they are made correctly and not a POS $250 off the shelf ice scraper from you know where).


Re: Shame and flatfeet

Andy on 4/22/03 at 09:03 (116799)

You wrote: 'To be honest...I absoultly love wearing my orthotics.' So do I, I will not image walking ten meters without my metal [yes, they are best for my feet!] orthotics. I 'know' there is no reason to shame neither my flat-feet no my orthotics. Still, the logic of shame does not work with the facts.

It is OK if you have big feet [so do I], but if they are flat it it better to keep then in side you shoes.

Re: Shame and flatfeet

john h on 4/22/03 at 11:14 (116810)

Flat feet talk comes mostly from WW II. I am not even sure it would keep you our of the military any more unless you were in the Infantry.

Re: Shame and flatfeet

john h on 4/22/03 at 11:34 (116811)

I was just reviewing the medical requirements for entrance into the military services. Flat feet does not eliminate you from service but persistent plantar fasciaitis does eliminate you. Each service has some activities you need to be able to perform such as in age group 20-26 the Army requires you to be able to run 2 miles in 18 minutes. The Air Force and Navy require only 1.5 miles. You also have to be able to do a certain number of pushups, pullups, etc depending on your age group. The Marines had the toughest requirements of any of the services.

Re: Shame and flatfeet

Andy on 4/23/03 at 10:40 (116920)

Just one more note on the shame around flatfeet. In the discussion - especially if near business of any type - the term 'flat foot' has been covered by 'over pronation'. I know, they are not always exactly the same thing, but still: it is more easier to speak about pronation than about flat feet!

And Richard: it was nice to hear that you meet this shame in your professional practice. It is not just an accident why young man start turn red when you have to mention the arch supports!

Re: Shame and flatfeet

Jean on 4/29/03 at 09:41 (117332)

Saw your message a bit late.Just to let you know that I am also very self-conscious about my flat feet.Even admitting the condition is an embarassement.Last week I went to buy new shoes and did not even dare to put my orthotics in the new pair to try them on...
I think it has to do with the jokes people tell about them and the connotations ' caught flat footed ' etc...And let's face it, it is hardly an enhancement to one's physique.I myself have knock-knees to go with them...Sooo sorry for myself...